• How to connect the injector?

    Julia Chmykhalo
    Julia Chmykhalo
    December 19, 2014
    How to connect the injector?

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    How to connect the injector?

    Many owners of cars with a carburetor fuel supply system think about switching to the injector. It is more easy to handle, repair and allows you to maximize the full potential of the car.

    Unlike the carburetor, the injector is equipped with an electronic control unit that controls the process of fuel supply and distribution.

    It should be noted that the installation of this equipment is a rather laborious process that will take at least 3-4 days. In addition, you need to know what an injector is and have a good understanding of the structure of the car so as not to break anything.

    How to connect the injector to the car?

    Before installation on the vehicle, it is necessary to check the injector and make sure that it works. There are various modifications of these devices, which are equipped with an oxygen sensor, an absorber and have a phased or simultaneous injection.

    The process of installing and connecting the injector:

    1. First you need to remove the carburetor fuel system and only then replace it with the injection;
    2. After that, install the fuel pump and filter;
    3. Now go under the hood and remove the old ignition system (gasoline pump, timer, coil, etc.)
    4. Disconnect all wiring from the sensors on the engine;
    5. We change the tee of the cooling system of the butt end of the head to the injector (it is equipped with a hole for the temperature sensor and a heated throttle);
    6. We install a special cap KVA in place of the distributor;
    7. We put new injectors and intake manifold;
    8. After that, we connect the fuel system and connect the ECU with the engine sensors;
    9. Replace the crankshaft pulley and install the computer;
    10. Now you need to install the ignition module, knock sensor and put back the air filter;
    11. Connect the wires from the computer with the dashboard;
    12. We connect the computer with the fuel pump and check the performance of the system.

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