• How to connect the antenna to the TV?

    One of the great inventions of mankind is television, thanks to which we are constantly in the know, we get pleasure from watching entertainment programs and interesting feature films and documentaries. But in order to make a broadcast, and the image and sound were clear, one TV is not enough. This requires an antenna, which is usually installed on the roof of the house. Before you connect the antenna to the TV, you need to know what you need to purchase.

    Antenna connection

    • Antenna cable. It is better to buy a cable made of copper, which is shielded with foil. For this, a SAT-50 or RG-6U cable made from steel wire with copper coating is suitable.
    • Two nuts that are suitable for a cable. If you do the layout on a large number of TVs, respectively, need to buy a few nuts.
    • Plug to connect to the TV.
    • Clamps for fastening to the wall.

    Then you can start connecting the antenna. For this:

    • Pull the cable out of the room where the TV is located. In reserve, leave about a meter of cable.
    • With the help of clips it is fixed in the necessary places. Sometimes the cable is hidden under the plinth.
    • Using a knife, at both ends remove the outer layer of insulating material of the cable for one centimeter. An incision is made along the cable, the insulating material is bent and cut.
    • Pull the screen foil on the cable and open an insulated central core.
    • Further protect the copper conductor from the isolated material.
    • Twist the nuts on the wires with foil.
    • One end is fixed in a box and twisted. The other end is fixed to the plug. If you need to connect two cables, they are fixed to the divider. We must make sure that everything is well fixed.
    • After that, the plug is installed in the TV, turn it on and tune the channels.

    How to connect two antennas

    In order to connect two antennas to the TV, you must:

    • Using a knife, remove the top layer of the cable sheath. The bottom layer of foil must be cut. Then they bare the core of the cable, gently clean it from enamel, put on the F-connector and cut off the unnecessary screen.
    • Three converters are connected to the switch. A switch is required to connect them. For better insulation use heat shrink.
    • When the converters are connected, you need to connect a switch to the receiver. To do this, disconnect it from the network and connect the F-connector.
    • Make the adjustment of the side converters.

    Connect two antennas to the TV - this means that you need to connect the converters. To do this, use the switch, usually a DiSEqC switch. The number of converters determines how many outputs the switch should have: four or eight. In principle, you can connect the antenna to the TV without a cable, but the quality of the image and sound will be very bad. Therefore, it is not worth doing.

    Nowadays, digital image transfer method is increasingly used. This method has several advantages over analog devices. The analog TV does not perceive the coded image, therefore for this method of connection use a special prefix which is called a decoder. Connect it simply enough, you can do it yourself.

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