• How to connect Internet TV?

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    How to connect Internet TV?

    Before answering the question of how to connect Internet TV, let's briefly look at what is IP-TV? IP-TV is called television transmitted over the Internet. The provider receives the signal from the satellite and a special protocol transmits it to users who get the opportunity to watch the video on a computer screen or TV. The difference from the usual television broadcast is in the quality of the image, the number of channels, so that you can arrange film shows right at home.

    Connecting ip-TV is possible if a standard TV has a Set top Box (STB) prefix, specially designed to decode video data and output decoded video to a television screen. Check with your provider which STB models are used to connect. Often use several at once. If you decide to watch IP-TV on a home computer monitor, you do not need to purchase STB,it will be enough to connect to the Internet using xDSL or ETTH technologies and order the corresponding service.

    How to connect ip-TV to subscribers of different networks

    • This service is already provided in each city, just look at the ads relating to your region. In any case, you need to take care of the availability of broadband Internet access (according to the above xDSL or ETTH technologies). Provide an actual incoming speed of at least 6 Mbps. If the speed is lower - instead of a video, you will enjoy something like a slideshow. Some providers offer a package of services consisting of the Internet and television, so there they have already taken care of the quality and speed of the Internet.
    • The xDSL technology is very sensitive to the telephone parameters of the line (make sure that the cable is of high quality and your equipment is far away from the PBX and electromagnetic fields).
    • Remember that if you watch IP-TV at the same time and download data from the Internet, your communication channel will be distributed between these tasks and the quality of viewing will be poor.

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