• How to connect headphones to the TV?

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    How to connect headphones to the TV?

    If you do not want to interfere with home watching TV, then use the headphones. It is very convenient and practical. But not all people know how to connect headphones to the TV. In fact, it is very simple, and we will be happy to help you figure it out.

    Wired headphones

    To connect to a computer, you can use any wired headphones, if their length allows you to sit at a sufficient distance from the screen. Even the simplest models have a headphone jack. Usually, a small icon with their image is drawn next to it. Plug the wire into it and enjoy the view.

    If your TV has a “tulip” connector (three identical connectors of different colors), then you can connect headphones with a microphone to it. Current TV models often support the Skype chat feature. This is where the microphone comes in handy.

    It happens that the TV is equipped with a non-standard headphone jack. The problem is solved simply.Take a picture of the audio output of your model, but rather find its name in the instructions (if you have lost the original, try searching the Web). In the electronics store you can buy the necessary adapter for a standard headphone model.

    Another output option with no necessary connector is to connect headphones to a DVD player or home theater system, if you have them. They always have audio output for a standard connector.

    Wireless headphones

    This type of headphones is much more convenient, because you do not limit your movement and location of the wires. But in this case, your TV must have the necessary connectors. And of course, the cost of such headphones is much higher.

    The methods of connecting them to the TV depend on the model, manufacturer and method of data transmission. You will find the exact instructions in the manufacturer’s documents. But the principle is the same everywhere.

    Included with the headphones is the base, which is responsible for transmitting the signal. It must be connected to the appropriate connector on the TV. If this is not, then buy an adapter.

    Find the power button on the headphones and press it.Using another button (on some models of the lever) perform a search base. The button will need to not just press, but hold for 5-10-15 seconds (depending on the model). If you did everything right, a sound will appear soon. Otherwise, press the reset button and scan again.

    If you need to increase the volume, but the capabilities of the TV do not allow, you can connect speakers.

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