• How to congratulate on February 23?

    Congratulations on such a holiday as February 23 can be very original, if you add a fantasy to its performance. And to make it easier for you to dream, we decided to consider several ways to congratulate men on February 23.

    In our article you will find a way of congratulations for any man, is he your friend or colleague.

    Congratulations for colleagues

    You can dress all women in the office in military uniform. Such a greeting would be quite expensive, but very memorable. Although this can be limited only to headgear. Thus, you can save money and at the same time make an original greeting. It would be quite appropriate if the girls sing Russian chastooshkas about the war or perform military songs.

    Congratulations for the soldier

    If you have a friend or friend who is a man of service, then an excellent option to congratulate you on February 23 will be to hold competitions with a military theme.

    Prepare contests and prizes with friends. Of course, it is better that several people participate in them.You can go along with the contestants to the shooting range and hold a shooting competition or hold a weapon disassembly competition. It will also be useful to include in the contests elements of a quiz with answers to questions.

    Congratulations for dad

    A wonderful option for congratulating dad would be to prepare a special photo collage. Get ready for the fact that the photo collage can be very large. Therefore, prepare such congratulations in advance. The essence of the collage is to collect a lot of photos, where your dad is depicted in different situations. Under the photographs there should be corresponding inscriptions, for example, “Dad is the best sailor” or “Dad is the best fisherman”, “Dad is the best driver” and so on.

    Congratulations for Grandpa

    The best option for congratulations for grandfather on February 23 will certainly be communication with him. Even if your grandfather was not a member of the Great Patriotic War, you can still ask him about the life in which he lived. About his service in the army and navy. It would be great if you spend all day with him. Get together at the holiday table, prepare your grandfather's favorite dish, and after the feast go for a walk.

    Congratulations for brother

    To congratulate your brother on February 23, you can connect a sense of humor.If your brother is still a child, then write a poem to him and prepare fireworks. Read the verse in a solemn tone and blow up the fireworks. So you make a huge impression on your brother.

    If your brother is already an adult, then we must congratulate him as a real man. Prepare breakfast, shake hands and give a gift. On such a holiday as February 23, it is appropriate for men to give flowers.

    Congratulations for a loved one

    In order to congratulate a loved one with a real man's holiday, you can give a little romance to the congratulation and at the same time make it so that it is obvious that this is a congratulation on February 23. In a specialty store you can buy suhpaek, and in the most ordinary - buy candles. This way you can have a romantic candlelit dinner with you. Another great idea for congratulations on February 23 will be a military-style photo shoot. You can arrange such a photo session by ordering a professional photographer and a room, or you can do it yourself.

    Congratulations for a friend

    As with congratulations for a brother, show a sense of humor.Let your friend enjoy this holiday. Alternatively, you can go with him to some fighter and talk about purely masculine things. Let him be surprised, but he will definitely like it.

    You can also make cool greetings with friends. Moreover, to make it unexpected, waiting for somewhere near the house or place of work.

    Whichever way you want to congratulate men on their main holiday you did not choose, the main thing to remember is that you always need to show imagination. Be sure to use the appropriate attributes, including accessories in military style. Remember that even if not all men served, this holiday was created just to remind them that they are men.

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