• How to congratulate a guy?

    It is always easier to figure out how to congratulate a girl than a guy. It’s pretty hard to think of what they could really like and please them. If you find yourself, just in such a situation and do not know how to originally congratulate a guy, then the following ideas will help you.

    Do what you can do best

    First of all, consider which of your talents you can use in congratulations. Maybe you write poems well, then you should write a poem for your young man. He will appreciate it and will be touched. If you sing well, you can record a song for him or perform it live. And if you draw well, you should give your boyfriend a picture or even a portrait as a gift.

    When deciding how beautifully to congratulate a guy, you should first of all try to surprise him. In order for the memory of the holiday to remain for a long time, you can give him a key chain, pen or lighter with engraving. And even better if you organize a party in honor of your young man.Then this day will remain for a long time not only in his memory, but also in the memory of his friends. To organize a party you will need to invite his close friends, write a script and think over holiday treats. Let it all be a surprise for your boyfriend.

    If you want to make a smaller surprise for your young man, then you should arrange a romantic dinner for him. It is not at all necessary that it be dinner in some expensive restaurant, it is better to cook it yourself and create a romantic setting: put candles, decorate the room with balloons, scatter rose petals on the floor. It is difficult to find a person who would not be happy for such a greeting.

    In fact, there are a lot of ways to congratulate a guy. It all depends on your imagination, and on your financial situation. A gift for a young person can be both modest, for example, some pleasant trifle, and more ambitious, for example, a joint trip to warm countries.

    How to congratulate the former guy

    Greater difficulty is the need to congratulate his former young man.With the help of well thought out congratulations, you can renew the former romantic relationship. If you pursue this goal, then you should try to surprise him with your congratulations, but if you want to make just a gesture of courtesy, then you can do with a simple on-call or SMS.

    So, in the case when you hope to renew your relationship, you can do the following.

    Write with chalk on the asphalt nice words of congratulations addressed to your former young man. Leave such a signature so that no one but him can understand who left this greeting. Surely, he used to call you, somehow affectionately and unusually.

    Wondering how to congratulate the guy to impress him, you can put a package with a gift under his door. Leaving early in the morning to work or school, he will find a nice bag near the front door with the inscription “in person in the hands of the birthday man”. The gift itself will depend on your imagination. Maybe with his help, you can hint to the young man that you don't mind being with him again.

    If you decide to originally congratulate your young man, then remember that originality should be in moderation.

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