• How to congratulate a girlfriend on his birthday?

    A friend is exactly that person whose happy birthday you always want is original, unusual, perky, so that it will be remembered for a long time.

    The greeting should be zest

    How to congratulate a girlfriend on his birthday and at the same time stand out from the total mass of congratulators? After all, you see, it is about this that each of us dreams. In this case, I advise you to include to the fullest all your imagination. To be noticed, congratulations must be original, modern, creative. And it should certainly contain some zest. In it, for example, you can emphasize the peculiarities of the hero of the occasion, its rare and sometimes unique qualities. Such an approach will undoubtedly be noticed. After all, each of us feels himself a person, and therefore appreciates individual congratulations.

    Get creative

    And what if a congratulation is prepared in the form of a parable, a funny story (comic and funny congratulations are appropriate for friends), a poetic dedication ?.And the main character of this curious story - the princess or even the queen - will not be anyone, but your favorite girlfriend. Much more can be thought out if you give vent to fantasy. However, beyond the limits of decency, too, is not worth it.

    What should be congratulations for girlfriend

    It is necessary to emphasize your attitude towards her. Tell your friend how she is dear to you, find for this kind, kind words. Emphasize what you like about her, why you appreciate her? Do not feel sorry for compliments and wishes. There are not many of them.

    Be original

    Original ideas to congratulate a girlfriend on his birthday is actually not so little. By the way, you can be the first to congratulate her on her personal holiday. You do not need to call at midnight or early in the morning. You can just after midnight, who witnessed the onset of the new day, send your friend a text message.

    You can do even more original: not far from the house where she lives, place an outdoor stretch, which, by the way, will cost you relatively inexpensively. Transporator-waist will tell all-all-all about how you appreciate and love your dear friend. On the banner you can put her smiling image. That will be joy!

    To the category of surprises can be attributed balloons inflated in honor of the girlfriend, lighted candles, arranged on the occasion of her birthday, a terrific firework!

    A surprise can be an original gift. Such will be the next exhibit for the collection of her beloved friend, if her hobby is collecting something. An original gift may also consist of several objects united by one idea or color scheme.

    It is always useful to ask a friend, naturally, in advance, the owner of which she would really like to become. The purchased gift can be beaten with the help of poems written on this occasion, a song or a funny story, where the main character will again be your beloved girlfriend - now the owner of her cool dream.

    Good words are the best

    By the way, about the slope. Some argue that a cool gift for your beloved girlfriend may be an invitation to her stripper. Or the acquisition of a gift voucher somewhere in the Bahamas. However, the ticket is not everyone can afford. And the stripper is a matter of taste.

    But the kind, warm, and most importantly sincere words addressed to a friend - this, by and large, is the coolest birthday greeting!

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