• How to configure the mouse?

    Alexander Duz
    Alexander Duz
    January 8, 2013
    How to configure the mouse?

    Even the inexperienced user can customize the mouse. This process does not require any special skills and knowledge. In this article we will talk in detail about how to configure the mouse in stages. So, you purchased a new manipulator and brought it home. First, insert the mouse plug into the appropriate connector. For USB mice, this is a USB port, for PS / 2, respectively, PS / 2.

    As a rule, Windows OS in a few seconds selects the necessary drivers for your device and makes it workable. In very rare cases, in order for the mouse to work, you need to install some additional software. After your new manipulator has become operational, you need to go to the control panel of the computer. No matter what version of Windows you have installed, there you will see the "Mouse" section. Feel free to enter it, and you will find yourself in the "Mouse Properties".

    How to customize the buttons on the mouse

    In order to customize the buttons in the "Mouse Properties" select the tab of the same name.In it, you can swap buttons in places, which is very convenient for left-handers, as well as enable sticking. In addition, in the presented tab, you can adjust the double-click speed. This feature is important for easy opening of folders.

    In the “Pointers” and “Pointer Settings” tabs you can customize the appearance of the mouse pointer, as well as set its speed of movement and enable / disable the mouse track. If your manipulator is equipped with a wheel, you can configure it in the properties tab of the same name. In particular, in this tab you can adjust the scrolling using the wheel. This feature greatly facilitates the viewing of web pages, text documents and some other files.

    In addition to all of the above, in the “Mouse Properties” you can find the “Hardware” tab. It displays data on the manipulators connected to the computer. Using the button "Diagnostics" located in this tab, you can check the performance of your mouse and solve the problems that have arisen. The second button on the “Hardware” tab, called “Properties,” allows you to view data about the mouse driver, as well as delete or update it. In addition, in the "Properties" you can perform some minor settings.For example, to allow the computer to be taken out of the standby mode not only with the keyboard buttons, but also with the mouse.

    At the end of the article, we note that there is no fundamental difference between how to configure the mouse on a laptop or computer. Therefore, you can use the presented recommendations for setting up a laptop manipulator.

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