• How to close access to classmates?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    April 3, 2013
    How to close access to classmates?

    Social networks have turned for some into a quagmire, imperceptibly pulling into their depths. They can, without noticing, spend many hours, spend time on meaningless chatter with friends, browsing news, photos and videos.

    An adult can be persuaded, the child will not help and direct prohibition. In this case, it is worth knowing how to close access to the “Classmates” or to another social network. To do this is actually quite simple.

    The bottom line is to make the site we need inaccessible using the hosts file. We do this in several stages.

    • First, open the Explorer. To do this, follow the path: Start - Programs - Standard - Explorer.
    • Next, open the following: the system disk C, followed by the folder: Windows, system 32, drivers, etc. In the folder etc and we need the file hosts.
    • You cannot change the file, but you can copy it to another location, for example, to the desktop. Right-click to copy, then on the desktop, clicking the right button, click "Paste."
    • When the program asks which program to open the file with, select Notepad.
    • Without touching anything, we carefully enter below the last line: odnoklassniki.ru and www.odnoklassniki.ru
    • Save: “File” - “Save”.
    • It remains to replace the old file with a new one. To do this, copy the hosts file from the desktop.
    • In the same way, open the etc folder containing the hosts file.
    • If you right-click on a file, the system will ask whether to replace the existing file with a new one. By clicking "OK", we confirm the agreement.

    Here's how to close access to "Classmates". It remains to check how well everything is done. To do this, try to open the site "Classmates" in the usual way. Instead of opening, we will receive an error message.

    To make Odnoklassniki available, you need to remove the address of the objectionable site from the hosts file.

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