• How to clean the washing machine with acid?

    Washing machine - definitely one of the most useful inventions of mankind. This "assistant" significantly saves time and nerves of its owners. But the work of such a technique can be overshadowed by breakdowns. Often this happens because of scaling, which occurs due to hard water and the use of various synthetic detergents. How to prevent such a problem? It is very simple - to carry out prevention regularly.


    Systematic care of a washing machine is a mandatory measure. After each wash, wipe the rubber seal dry, wash the powder container, ventilate the drum. But there are pollution that can not cope with a sponge. Lime on the heater leads to a decrease in the conductivity of heat, and this entails an increase in the use of electricity. And later it becomes a cause of serious damage.

    To prevent this from happening, a master or folk remedies working for you can come to your aid.We will tell about this one. This is citric acid.

    Its main advantage is safety for equipment and humans (provided they are used in a clearly defined quantity). This substance quickly reacts with salts and metals, effectively dissolving sediments, and is easily washed away from the tank of the machine. While special chemical cleaners (gels or tablets) can partially remain inside and get on clothes.

    In addition, citric acid is the most affordable product that everyone can afford.

    Now let's see how often do you need to do this cleaning? The best option - once in 3-4 months. But if there is a pet in the house, or you often wash wool items, you can do it more often.

    How to clean the unit of harmful scale? Here are some effective ways:

    1. With the help of citric acid. It will take 70-100 g of powder, which must be poured into the detergent compartment. Choose a mode with a temperature of 60 degrees, and start the machine "idle". This will help not only to remove the plaque, but also unpleasant odors, if any.
    2. With bleach. Pour 100 g of “lemon” into the tray and pour 1 cup of whiteness into the drum.Turn on mode at 60 degrees. But this method should not get carried away, as bleach can corrode the rubber seal. It is also important to leave the door to the bathroom open, and to ensure good ventilation in the apartment during such washing.
    3. With soda. Powder of citric acid (100 g) is poured into a container for detergents, add 2-3 tsp. soda ash. Start the mode with a temperature of 60 degrees.

    It is worth noting that lemon juice will not replace the powdered product, since the concentration in it is much less, and therefore the effect will be very weak.

    It is also important to use the correct amount of powder, since excessiveness can cause undesirable effects on the parts of the equipment. High temperatures (90 degrees) can increase the effect of the product and damage plastic parts.

    To ensure that the washing machine lasts a long time, and repair is rarely required, prevention is important. It consists of following some very simple recommendations:

    1. Use the amount of detergent, as provided in the instructions. No matter how much you try to pour and pour more, things will not become cleaner from this, but surplus funds will settle inside the equipment.
    2. Do not leave long-washed laundry in the drum.Moisture can cause mold and unpleasant smell.
    3. Water turns into crystals at temperatures above 75 degrees, so a regular wash at 90 degrees can be the reason for the constant occurrence of scale.

    Any technique requires care. And precisely because of this, your home helpers will serve long and reliably.

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