• How to clean the sofa at home

    Together with the aesthetic component of the sofa performs a number of important functions: it is lying, sleeping, even eating. This piece of furniture is subject to frequent soiling that spoils the look. To clean the sofa at home there are some useful tips that will help save money and time.

    The sofa is a kind of "king" of the living room. First of all, attention is paid to him, entering any room, the overall impression of the home depends on the beauty and purity of this piece of furniture.

    Safety precautions and precautions

    • Clean furniture in rubber gloves to protect hands skin from aggressive chemicals.
    • Before applying the product to the surface, carry out the test test in a small area: an ideal backdrop or another "invisible" zone.
    • If the sofa is made of flock, the use of products with alcohol in the composition is unacceptable.
    • To clean the microfiber sofa is not recommended to use liquid products, except for the most neglected cases.
    • Do not use colored sponges for cleaning a white sofa - you risk becoming the owner of the upholstery with rainbow colored divorces.
    • Refrain from the use of bleaches and vinegar, these substances are very aggressive and can spoil the surface.

    How to clean a fabric sofa from stains and dust

    Beautiful photo of a fabric sofa

    To clean the sofa from a fabric without a divorce, to begin to declare a "war" of dust. If you are concerned about local contamination, skip this step. For general cleaning, dust, wool, threads, food crumbs and other garbage are removed from the upholstery. This cleaning can be done in 2 ways.

    • If there is a vacuum cleaner in the house, use a small nozzle with a narrow nose, paying special attention to the joints and corners. For cleaning the main areas fit a small nozzle with a nap.
    • If there is no vacuum cleaner in the house or the upholstery of the sofa is made of a fleecy fabric, the dust is simply knocked out by the “grandmother” method, as when cleaning the carpet. For this procedure you will need an unnecessary sheet and a "cracker" to knock out dust. Dampen a sheet in water (you can in a soap solution) and squeeze, cover the furniture with a cloth and pat the entire surface of the upholstery with patting movements, paying particular attention to the corners.This simple method will help to avoid the removal of the sofa on the street: the dust will not settle in the house, it will remain inside the sheet.

    Convex debris can be removed manually using an object with a blunt edge, a spatula or a blunt knife is ideal. The only exception - fleecy fabrics - scraping will damage the fabric. To remove large stains, it will be necessary to soak them in warm water. Then the dirt is removed with a damp, soft sponge.

    Finally, get rid of stains. For this purpose, a universal remedy for removing stains from upholstered furniture with the marking “for all types of fabrics”, for example: Vanish for cleaning carpets. The tool must be whipped into a dense foam according to the instructions on the package. Contaminated areas are treated with foam: let it work for 10-15 minutes, then wash the fabric clean and remove excess moisture with a clean rag. If the stain remains, try to repeat the procedure. Such simple actions guarantee the absence of stains even on the most delicate types of fabrics.

    Video Tips

    If the upholstery has faded or does not suit its smell, and a simple dust cleaning did not solve the problem, rinse the upholstery using such means.

    1. Soap solution (it is better to take liquid soap, it is more willing to leave the layers of cloth).
    2. Shampoo solution.
    3. Alcohol or vodka will return the original appearance of microfiber.

    The best folk remedies

    • Vinegar and ammonia are indispensable for cleaning fruit stains. From these products, taken in equal proportions, prepare the mixture, apply to the stain with a cotton pad and wait until it is completely dry. After this procedure, the spots are easily removed with water.
    • Blood stains are recommended to be washed immediately after the appearance of cold water with a diluted aspirin tablet. If there are no tablets, salt will help: add 1 tsp to a tablespoon of water. salt.
    • Spots of cream, fatty food, wine or plasticine are first removed as much as possible from the surface, and the rest is sprinkled with salt — it will help absorb fat and color.
    • Beer and coffee stains need to wipe dry, and then wipe with soapy water, adding a little vinegar. At 0.5 liters of solution will need 1 tbsp. l. 9% vinegar.
    • Chocolate, jam, condensed milk should be thoroughly dried before processing: this is the rare case when the stain should harden. After that, the bulge can easily move away from the upholstery, and the remnants can be treated with soapy water.
    • Chewing gum trapped in upholstery needs to be frozen before cleaning: put ice packs on the stain.After such a simple procedure, the fabric will easily part with a sticky guest, if you apply knife scraping.

    Household chemicals

    Dr. Beckmann is a stain remover that effectively removes traces of coffee and tea, grease, blood, ink and glue. The tool is available in several versions for certain stains. Differs careful attitude to the most delicate fabric.

    "Antipyatin" can be used for all materials, except microfiber, which does not tolerate moisture. Available in the form of soap, which is able to remove traces of blood, grass, grease and oil. Of the significant advantages - the apparent low cost, combined with high efficiency.

    "Vanish" removes only "fresh" pollution. Effective for stains from fruits and berries, it is “afraid” of oily stains.

    How to clean a sofa from leather or leatherette

    Leather sofa

    A leather sofa is a luxurious piece of furniture that is not so common in apartments because of the high cost. His colleagues from different types of artificial leather look no less impressive, but they are much cheaper. If you follow simple cleaning techniques, they will be pleasing to the eye for many years.

    When cleaning a leather sofa, color plays a special role.To begin with we will sort process of processing of furniture of dark color.

    During cleaning, pay special attention to the means that you use: rags should be as soft as possible, and the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner without chips and sharp corners - natural and artificial skin can be easily scratched. If there is no visible contamination, it is enough to treat the sofa with a soft moisturizing soap to restore shine and beauty. Avoid frequent wet cleaning - this delicate material is not very friendly with water.

    If there are spots on the couch, they will help to remove a solution of vinegar, effective for fabric upholstery.

    For white furniture, you can take care of low-fat milk at room temperature. Dampen a cotton pad in it and gently wipe the sofa - it will not only be cleaned of dirt, but will also become softer.

    Video material

    It works well when removing stains from leather sofas ammonia, but the material he shamelessly dries: after the procedure, you will have to treat the area that used alcohol, glycerin or castor oil.

    The best anti-odor and pollution products

    Fabric sofa

    • Owners of cats are familiar with the frequent problem of unpleasant odor.In the fight against it will help the usual cat litter. Evenly distribute the powder on the couch and leave for 20 minutes, after which the product is collected using a vacuum cleaner.
    • To eliminate the unpleasant smell emanating from the white sofa, sprinkle baking soda upholstery, leave for 40-60 minutes, then vacuum with a small nozzle with a pile, specially designed for cleaning furniture. Soda absorbs nasty stuff.
    • Will give a cozy flavor of coffee beans: thickly pour them on the couch, leave for a while, and then remove. The method is not cheap, but for connoisseurs of the freshly brewed coffee aroma is just a find.
    • Alcohol - the perfect stain remover. He is able to remove almost any kind of pollution.

    Helpful Tips

    1. If there are children in your house, the spots are inevitable. Get removable covers for furniture - cleaning them is much easier.
    2. It is recommended to clean the furniture from dust at least 2 times a year: otherwise, a simple sitting on the sofa can lead to problems with the respiratory tract.
    3. If no methods help in the fight against the stain, you don’t need to take the sofa to the dry-cleaner: cleaning services that go directly to the house are available for housewives.
    4. Do not zealous with the amount of water during cleaning - wet furniture at home dries extremely long.Rags should be only slightly damp.

    Cleaning the sofa is a simple task, if you acquire your own brand recipes for all occasions, and then no pollution will be terrible, and the living room will find real comfort.

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