• How to clean the nozzles?

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    How to clean the nozzles?

    Fuel for a car, as a rule, contains a lot of various impurities that pollute the injector. And since the main part of the injector is the nozzles, which evenly inject fuel into the engine cylinders, they must be cleaned. Due to the pollution of the injectors, fuel is sprayed incorrectly and unevenly, which increases its consumption and, consequently, the cost of maintaining the car, and also reduces engine power. So how do you clean the nozzles?

    The main methods of cleaning injector nozzles

    The main methods used by car owners to flush injectors include:

    1. Ultrasonic cleaning;
    2. Chemical cleaning

    Let's take a quick look at each of the methods in more detail.

    Ultrasonic washing

    This is the most cumbersome method, since it is necessary to remove the nozzles, which is quite laborious. Also, this will require special equipment - an ultrasonic stand. But, it is worth noting that this is also the most effective method that can cope even with severe pollution.

    The principle of operation of this method is as follows:

    • dismantle the nozzles from the injector;
    • prepare an ultrasonic bath (stand): the solvent is poured in there to clean the nozzles;
    • the required degree of sealing and cleaning power of the nozzles on the stand is set;
    • After cleaning, experts also recommend replacing filters and special reinforcing rings to extend the life of the injector.

    It is also worth noting that this type of cleaning is best carried out in the service station, because the equipment will cost additional costs. Self-cleaning nozzles without the help of a special ultrasonic installation will fail.

    Chemical cleaning

    This type of cleaning will help to wash not only the injectors, but also the components of the fuel system - a tank for gasoline, a pump for fuel and others. Moreover, it does not require dismantling nozzles. Chemical washing is suitable for clogs of light and medium complexity and does not take much of your time.

    You will need a filler fluid (solvent), a fuel hose, a fuel pump, a fluid reservoir, and clamps for cleaning. So:

    1. Turning off the fuel pump and remove the hoses.
    2. In place of these elements, we install pre-prepared hose and pump for cleaning and fix them with hose clamps.
    3. We connect the pump with the battery, and lower the liquid supply hose into the container with the liquid for flushing. Experts advise choosing the best quality cleansing fluid.
    4. Next, start the car engine and leave it for 15-20 minutes at idle. During this time, the cleaning fluid will go to all places that require cleaning.
    5. Next, we give the car a rest of 15 minutes and turn on the engine again at variable speeds.
    6. Do not worry about where the cleaning fluid goes and whether it will get into the engine. Remains will come out with exhaust gas.

    This cleaning method is cheaper and faster, moreover, you can easily carry it out at home by yourself.

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