• How to clean the liver?

    The liver in our body plays a very important role! This body can rightfully be considered a blood filter. As soon as the blood passes through the liver, it is cleaned, all the harmful substances remain in the liver, and then the pure blood is sent to other vital organs. You probably already guessed why people want to clean the liver. Those harmful substances that we talked about gradually accumulate, which can lead to the formation of gallstones or in the bile ducts. And due to stagnation of bile, inflammation of the liver may occur. It turns out that you need to cleanse the liver yourself not only when a health problem has arisen, but also as a preventive measure in order to protect your health.

    How to clean the liver at home

    First, we warn that people with gallstone disease are absolutely contraindicated in cleaning the liver with oil or magnesia! These methods can only aggravate the health situation and contribute to the movement of large gallstones.

    Secondly, we remind you that there are many ways to clean the liver, so we suggest that you read them in more detail and select the best for yourself.

    How to clean the liver using dietary supplements

    Supplements - dietary supplements. Their range is huge today. Go to the pharmacy, for example, and pay attention to those dietary supplements, manufacturers of which have long existed on the market. But no matter how well they advertised the product on TV or your friends, remember that it is imperative that you consult with your doctor before use. He knows your body, and will be able to competently assess whether this dietary supplement is suitable for cleaning the liver specifically for you. After all, the body of each person is individual. Supplements that came up to a friend does not mean that he will not worsen the condition of your body.

    How to clean the liver with herbs

    With the help of herbal herbs to clean the liver can also independently at home. In an ordinary pharmacy, as a rule, you can always find the appropriate choleretic collection of herbs. Follow the specific collection instructions. This method of cleaning the liver takes a long time, but is considered the best and sparing health.Herbs are the same drugs, but have a milder effect than pills.

    You can make a healing collection and clean the liver with herbs. The following herbs are suitable for this: celandine, wormwood, dandelion, chicory, dymyanka, wild rose, mint, corn silk, immortelle, nettle, yarrow, plantain. Why exactly they? The fact is that all these herbs have a choleretic effect. To prepare the collection you need to pour 2-3 tablespoons of dry grass (each), and then mix them. And when you are going to cook the infusion, just take 3 tablespoons of dried herbs from your collection, put them in a thermos and pour boiling water (0.5 l). Let it stand, strain right before use and drink throughout the day.

    How to clean the liver folk remedies

    So, let's start to study the experience of the people, that is, traditional medicine:

    1. Clean the liver with beet broth. Take 2 small beets, thoroughly wash them, peel, boil, and then finely chop into the same broth. You should have a liquid gruel, which can be taken in several visits. After each procedure, be sure to lie on your right side with a heating pad.
    2. A popular way to clean the liver is with olive oil and lemon juice. We remind you that for people with gallstone disease, in no case should the liver be cleaned with oil! And the method itself works as follows ... Olive oil provokes a more rapid dissolution of excess cholesterol, and also removes it from the body. And the effect of lemon juice is that it stimulates the production of liver bile in large quantities. Although the method is common, but not safe, therefore, it is possible to use such a liver cleaning no more than once every 6 months.

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