• How to clean the boots?

    Arslan Avanesov
    Arslan Avanesov
    February 1, 2013
    How to clean the boots?

    So, how to clean valenki white, pretty faded and rolled in the winter? An excellent tool for cleaning boots is known to all the hostesses Vanish, used for cleaning carpets. In this case, the powder should be diluted with a small amount of water, after which, beating the foam, apply the solution to the surface of the felt. Rubbing your boots, let them dry, and then remove the grains of powder with a vacuum cleaner. If you use a liquid solution of Vanish, then after cleaning the remnants can be removed with a regular sponge.

    Not inferior in quality in this matter and cleaning the boots with the help of affection. In this case, proceed as follows:

    • Dissolve caress water
    • add bleach to the resulting solution
    • sponge wet boots
    • let the boots dry naturally (do not use any heaters for drying, just put the boots in the corner of the room)
    • Wear clean boots and admire their superb and tidy look :)

    How to clean white boots with improvised means

    Thinking about what you can clean white valenki, without using cleaning products, many housewives discovered the simplest and accessible to everyone recipes. So, many women of fashion today use for cleaning boots ordinary semolina. This is done as follows:

    • sprinkle semolina on the surface of your boots and carefully rub the croup with a cloth
    • knock out the rump from the boots

    Embossed semolina will take for a and dirt particles from the surface of the boots. In addition to semolina, you can use tooth powder and starch, but semolina is the cheapest and most affordable way.

    Contrary to the recommendations of experts, some owners of white valenki-samovalkov still erase them in a typewriter using the delicate wash mode, and then straighten and dry shoes. In this case, of course, to some extent the shoes deteriorate, but not so much that they have to buy new boots. You can also wash the boots by hand with cold water and laundry soap. It is recommended to dry the shoes after such a wash in a draft at a temperature below room temperature. And of course, dry cleaning workers will always come to your rescue.

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