• How to clean mushrooms before cooking?

    How to clean mushrooms before cooking?Mushrooms appear on our tables at any time of the year, regardless of the mushroom season. Grown in greenhouse conditions, they are held in high esteem among buyers. The most popular of them are champignons. They can be boiled, fried, baked. For them, there are many recipes, and almost every housewife knows how to prepare them. But not every one of them knows how to clean fresh mushrooms before cooking. So that your dish will bring you only good and no harm, and the food itself was delicious, we will reveal to you the secrets of how to clean the mushrooms.

    Buying champignons, how to clean them, you will decide at home. But in the store you need not just to take the first available mushrooms, but to choose them correctly.

    1. It is better to take mushrooms by weight, when you can choose them yourself. So it will turn out in advance to reject those that may be far from adequate quality.
    2. After finding the product of interest, inspect it. Pick up, squeeze. If the mushroom feels solid, does not slip or stick, the foot does not sink when pressed and does not bend - this is a sign of freshness.
    3. Another sign of freshness can be found on a hat.The cap of the fungus should be white, without stains and wrinkles, smooth and matte.
    4. But the most important criterion is the integrity of the connecting film between the cap and the leg. If it is broken, it means that the product is far from the first freshness.

    Now you can get to the question of how to clean fresh champignons.

    How to clean the mushrooms - the basic rulesHow to clean mushrooms before cooking?

    How to clean champignons fresh, which we attach photos, we will tell in this section. At the beginning we will touch on the traditional way how many hostesses clean champignons. Often, select store mushrooms sell already clean and beautiful. But in some cases, the purchase of this variety of mushrooms occurs directly from the base or from the hands. Naturally, they need cleaning. The fruit may be dried ground or other dirt. And in such a situation, knowledge of how to clean the mushrooms is just necessary.

    1. You need to put the mushrooms on the table, cook a bowl of water and a sponge or rag, which should be soaked in water and squeezed well, so that it was wet.
    2. The mushroom clings to the leg and is wiped with this cloth. In this way, you can remove the same dirt trash stuck to the fruit.
    3. The lower edge of the leg, where the fungus was cut off, must be cut off, because this place is often weather-beaten and privy. Also need to cut all pinned or flaccid places on the cap.
    4. Rinse the mushrooms under running water for no more than 5 seconds so that they do not absorb excess water.

    A more detailed explanation of how to clean champignons fresh, the video on our website will clearly show you.

    How to clean champignons with problemsHow to clean mushrooms before cooking?

    This applies to those products that are heavily contaminated or are not the first freshness with a torn connective film. For such cases, we will tell you how to clean champignons in an unusual way - using flour.

    Pour flour in a bowl and pour water from the tap. Mix flour with water until smooth and put mushrooms. Shake the bowl well - and you can pull out the mushrooms so that they dry up. This is an unusual way how to clean mushrooms.How to clean mushrooms before cooking?

    In the event that the film is torn, and under it a brown skirt, remove the last one. Although it is edible, the mushrooms darken when it is processed.

    If you still have questions about how to clean the mushrooms, use the video on this page.

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