• How to clean a dirty water cooler?

    If you are a fan of clean and delicious water, then already, for sure, long ago acquired such a device as a cooler. Water from the tap is rarely distinguished by a pleasant taste, and its only "use" is to dream, which can not be said about the bottled water from the producer.

    Today, coolers - this is by no means an innovation, they are actively used in offices, in industries and even in ordinary apartments. But here's what's important to remember - to make every new bottle happy with fresh and clean water, it's very important to take care of the equipment itself, namely, to carry out regular cleaning.

    No, of course, you can always contact specialists who will cope with this task for a fee. But why overpay if you clean the water cooler - it’s quite real and your own. How? About this we just talk today. Many manufacturers of this equipment claim that one cleaning per six months is quite enough, which is very doubtful.

    In order not to run the cooler to the sad state,it should be cleaned at least once every few months, if it is installed somewhere in the office or workplace, where water consumption is estimated at more than 3 bottles per week, then the cleaning procedure should be carried out every month without fail. Otherwise, the benefits of such water, you just do not get, but rather, more and you will wrinkle from the unpleasant smell and taste.

    First step

    The simplest solution is to clean when you change bottles with water, which will greatly facilitate all your work. Naturally, this does not apply to those who have bottles change every week or more often. So, to clean the cooler at home, first you need to unplug it.

    We are waiting for the liquid to cool down inside, and then drain all the remaining water - from the tanks, and then from the entire system - for this we unscrew the water drain valve. Depending on the model, it may be located in different places of your device.

    Now you need to prepare a solution for cleaning. Most people use a simple, but, nevertheless, effective way using citric acid. It must be thoroughly dissolved in clean water (it is better if it is not from the tap), the proportions are as follows: 5 liters of water contains about 100 g of acid.

    By the way, it is not necessary that you need all 5 liters, this is a universal recipe, and you can already adjust according to the proportions and characteristics of your cooler. You can, of course, use special tools for cleaning such devices, but it will be more expensive, and it is unknown which method is better.

    Second phase

    We start with the cleaning of contaminated faucets - it is on them that a lot of bacteria often accumulate. We unscrew them, and then thoroughly wash them with the help of ordinary dishwashing detergent and brush. Go through all the grooves where the bulk of bacteria can accumulate.

    Rinse faucets and fasten into place. Independently remove the drip pan, and then with a small amount of detergent, wash it under water.

    Now let's do the internal filling: we start pouring the prepared lemon solution into the cooler, gently, wait for the water to leave, and not to start pouring over the top. It is necessary to fill the tanks completely, which is easy to check: just open the faucet with cold and then with hot water. A trickle of them must be continuous.

    Now we plug the cooler into the mains and wait for the full heating of the water (the heat indicator goes out). Switch off the device again and leave it for 6 hours to cool the water. Now again we merge all the solution through the taps and the drain valve. With the help of 5 liters of clean water we wash the cooler (fill it in the same way as the solution), pour out the water, if necessary (if the water has a sour taste), repeat the procedure again.

    That's all - quick and easy! As you can see, there is nothing complicated. It remains to install a new bottle of water, by the way, when installing, always disinfect the cork on the bottles and, of course, the bottle itself with the needle. This is a mandatory rule that must be respected, if, of course, you want to use clean and safe water.

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