• How to choose the tone of the foundation

    No matter how high-quality and good the foundation is, the wrong tone will reduce all efforts to choose the cream to nothing. So, let's see how to choose the tone of the foundation? However, you probably know this and that - the color of the cream should ideally coincide with the color of your skin. Why? It's simple - the cream on the whole body can not be applied, and therefore the differences between the face and neck will be visible one way or another. You do not want everyone to know about your efforts? The first rule of high-quality makeup - cosmetics should not be seen.


    How to choose the tone of the foundation, we'll figure it out. It is important to remember that all creams have a color that tends to be red or yellow. Knowing which color your skin is closer to, you won’t have any problems with choosing a tonal pattern. If you do not know this, it does not matter. You can proceed to the selection of the cream on the example of your own skin. It is best to apply the cream on the earlobe - the skin there has the least pigment spots, this will facilitate the choice.


    If you, despite all the efforts, still notice the differences between the skin color and the tone of the cream, get yellow powder or concealer.


    And how to choose a tone of foundation for evening make-up? It is best to choose a cream to tone darker, the skin will look very beneficial in the evening. Do not rush to choose another cream for everyday use. Take a yellow or pink makeup base. Playing with her, you will choose a great tone for any time of day or season.


    Now - a couple of secrets for those who choose the right makeup. Light tones do more, dark - reduce. The same applies to warm and cold tones - the first ones increase, the second ones decrease, the first ones bring closer, the second ones - on the contrary.


    And, yes, the oval shape of the face is ideal, but for those who do not own one, there is a little secret. Having described in the head the oval of the face, darken everything that is outside it. This will create the necessary illusion.


    Remember that even the skin of models that appear in advertisements has its flaws, so the most important thing is quality makeup. It will give you the opportunity to make the skin look perfect. Comprehending the delicate art of makeup, you can make the skin the way you want it to be.


    If you have beige or ivory skin,strip of foundation you need to hold to the neck from the jaw. Wait a while - and voila, ready. Choose a tone, putting on the neck a few strips of different creams.


    If you are the hostess of a skin of bronze or dark color, cream for the test should be applied from cheek to jaw. Thus, you can figure out which of the creams can eliminate the mask effect that many women have with this type of skin.


    It is extremely rare for the skin to be pink in color - and only in such cases can you use this base color. Remember that pink color can give a red face, and nobody wants it!


    If there are burst capillaries on the face, use the yellow base. Even if your skin color is close to yellow, do not take a pink base - adding yellow will make you look fresher.

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