• How to choose the right beach umbrella?

    How to spend the summer is harmless to health, relaxing on the shore of the warm gentle sea in the sun? Excess ultraviolet is harmful to the skin at any age - it is known to everyone. Therefore, the desire to have a beautiful even tan should be approached rationally, especially carefully protecting from the sun's rays of children.

    And how long you want to enjoy the sea breeze, warm sand and clear water! To increase the time spent on the beach will allow an ordinary beach umbrella. It was he, chosen correctly, to help avoid burns and heat stroke, will create a fertile shadow in the heat. What are the criteria to be guided when buying a beach umbrella?

    What should be?

    First of all, he must do an excellent job of protecting his main function - protecting himself from the sun. There are plenty of other options for products, sheltering from rain with the wind, equipped with mosquito nets, which are usually referred to as "awnings."

    But they are stationary, rather cumbersome, installed on summer houses and on beaches in hotels.A good beach umbrella for the average consumer should also be compact and portable.

    Main selection criteria

    Before you choose an umbrella, you need to consider a few basic points, which will save your health and save money:

    1. The size of its dome should be sufficient to create a shadow for your entire family. If the dome is small, not all its members will be able to comfortably accommodate under it. You may need an extra copy. The minimum diameter of the dome of a modern umbrella for the beach is a diameter of 1.8 m.
    2. Despite the size of the dome, the product should be convenient for transportation.
    3. For the dome uses a variety of material. It can be made of cotton or satin, natural fabrics that are more expensive and more difficult to maintain. But always with water-repellent impregnation (we are on the beach)! High-quality polyester is cheaper, easy to maintain, and, due to its technical characteristics, creates a worthy competition to natural materials. It is worth paying attention to models with a level of protection from ultraviolet radiation. Breathable fabrics will help to more easily withstand heat.
    4. Frame choose durable.The steel frame coated with titanium is durable, and the fiberglass construction will truly serve many seasons.
    5. The umbrella shaft of aluminum is light, non-toxic, but with strong gusts of wind it will be bad to hold the dome. It is good at carrying, but it requires a good fixation, which is not always possible.
    6. The strength of the spokes - the most important criterion. Only metal spokes are able to withstand the merciless beach winds. Plastic needles often break. Why spoil the rest annoying breakdowns?
    7. Stand for umbrella - convenient and useful. If there is an opportunity, then it is worth getting it. After all, the product with the stand can be installed without problems anywhere, you just need to pour sand into it, or pour water for stability.
    8. Make sure you have a mechanism for adjusting the tilt of the dome. It will help you spend more time on the beach, regardless of the location of the sun and the direction of the wind, without moving the litter and reinstalling the structure in the sand.
    9. The cover will simplify carrying and will keep a beach umbrella from pollution. It must have a handle to conveniently hang the burden in the case on the shoulder, and a strong fastener.

    Additional selection criteria

    Having defined the main points, you can safely go shopping at the store. Manufacturers will delight you with a rich selection of products. You can choose a model of any color. In trend colorful, bold colors. A bright, noticeable umbrella will add mood, it will be noticeable on the beach from the water, it will be a good guide for children.

    Fabrics for domes of various density levels will allow you to protect yourself from the sun's rays. You will be surprised by the experimental approach of designers to the shape of the dome. Despite the predominance of the classic “mushroom” shape on the shelves, today you can find square domes and transforming product models that will allow you to stand out in a crowd and emphasize your individuality.

    There are umbrellas with awnings on the sides, cutouts in the dome to give stability and air circulation. If there are children in the family, then you can purchase a children's beach umbrella with a smaller diameter and fun colors.

    In addition to children's products are accessories in the form of a table, chair, rug, bedding, with a similar color. Personal beach umbrella for a child will increase the shaded space, reliably protecting the baby from the sun.

    Terms of use

    To rest under a beach umbrella brought only positive emotions for many years, take into account some tips on using the product:

    1. In order not to injure yourself and others, firmly mount the umbrella, preferably on a stand. A strong coastal wind can pull it out of the sand. The slope of the dome should always be upwind.
    2. Clean the product from the sand, dry. This will keep the addition mechanisms in working condition for a long time.
    3. You can clean the beach umbrella from pollution with a soapy washcloth, followed by drying in a half-opened state.
    4. When buying, specify the manufacturer, availability of warranty, no defects.

    Choosing a beach umbrella with the above criteria, you are guaranteed to get a quality product for many years. Your rest will be safe, comfortable and unforgettable!

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