• How to choose office partitions?

    A modern office is not conceivable without special equipment, beautiful and ergonomic furniture, without separate spacious rooms for negotiations, meetings, without a reception, a room for rest and meals. But how to fit all this in a limited space?

    How to organize office space so that creative designers do not interfere with the financial department with their brainstorming, and the sales department at any time can divide the office into several areas for holding several meetings at the same time?

    In fact, office partitions can solve these and many other issues related to the rational organization of the office.

    Office partitions are specially designed systems that allow you to transform the space without the capital cost of time and money.

    In order to create separate cabinets there is no need to install brick or concrete walls. It is enough to install a system of stationary office partitions.

    The design itself is nothing more than a frame filled with sheet material. Under the frame means an aluminum profile, which, due to its operational characteristics, allows you to create structures up to 6 m. At the same time, the stability and durability of the system remains high.

    Depending on the purpose of premises equipped with office partitions, chipboard, MDF, plastic, glass, etc. can be used as the aggregate material. The overall design of the room also affects the choice of material. In any case, the variety of building materials offered by manufacturers allows to realize any design idea.

    And the aluminum profile, in order not to violate the integrity of the design of the whole structure, can be painted with powder enamel or pasted over with special coatings that mimic the texture and color of the base material.

    Stationary separation systems are quickly installed, have a high level of sound insulation, a stylish and aesthetic appearance.

    If you need to resolve the issue of separating workplaces within one room, we recommend installing mobile partitions.

    Mobile partitions are the optimal solution for arranging the workplaces of a design team or a PR department. On the one hand, each employee has his own individual workplace, on the other hand, the process of effective communication is not difficult, since all employees are in the same open space.

    In order for individual working areas to become an ergonomic, comfortable mini-cabinet, you can install mounted accessories on the partitions. If paper trays, disc boxes, stationery, telephone and even a computer monitor are installed on the vertical plane of the partition, you can free up the desktop.

    The site www.peregorodok.net presents various options for organizing an office using mobile and fixed partitions.

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