• How to choose avocado?

    Elena Minkina
    Elena Minkina
    July 16, 2012
    How to choose avocado?

    Avocados are a healthy and tasty tropical fruit. Its flesh is rich in vitamins and trace elements, and vegetable oils contain almost 30%. But the one who knows how to choose avocado can really enjoy the taste of this fruit.

    Unripe avocado will disappoint you with its hard pulp with a bitter taste. In contrast, in a ripe fruit, the flesh has a very delicate structure, reminiscent of cream and can be spread on bread, making delicious sandwiches. Ripe avocado has a pleasant sweetish taste with a nutty note.

    How to choose a ripe avocado

    Some people believe that ripe avocados should have a dark peel. But this is not true, because the color of the rind of this fruit is determined by its variety, and not by the degree of maturity.

    To determine the ripeness of avocado in several ways. Attach the fruit to your ear and shake it slightly. If at this moment you hear the characteristic pounding of a bone, then you can safely buy this fruit, it is quite mature.

    Another way to determine the maturity of an avocado is to put pressure on the skin of the peel. In a high-quality fetus, the rind bends slightly under pressure of the fingers, and then quickly returns to its original state. Avocados with this skin will be ripe and tasty. In an immature fetus, the peel does not bend, and in the overripe, the pressure hole is left on the skin for a long time.

    How to choose the right avocado

    The choice of avocado also depends on how exactly you are going to eat it. For example, the California avocado variety, which has a brownish rind due to its particular softness, is ideal for making cocktails, sandwiches or mashed potatoes. Green-skinned avocados have a denser flesh and should be bought to make salads or rolls.

    Well, if you still accidentally bought an unripe avocado, then do not worry. Put it in a paper bag with a few apples and leave at room temperature. In two days, your avocado will reach an ideal degree of maturity.

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