• How to choose and use a toning mask for hair?

    Beautiful, healthy hair, shining and attracting with its deep color is one of the main advantages of a woman. But age, ecology, and not always proper nutrition and care make themselves felt by the appearance of gray hair and dullness. Then the fair sex representatives decide to start an important cosmetic stage - staining. Today we will talk about the mask for toning.

    Fashion tuning

    Recently, professional masters are increasingly recommending that they refuse full coloring and replace it with toning. The reason is simple - paints (even non-ammonia) contain aggressive ingredients that dry hair, thin it and even often make it lifeless.

    The mask, of course, will not help radically change the shade, but will make it more saturated. And all thanks to the semi-permanent components, which contain molecules of a larger size than in ordinary paints.They cannot penetrate inside, and act only superficially, thereby without damaging the structure, and creating a thin coloring film.

    What are the advantages of such a tool?

    1. The pigment does not destroy the keratin structure of the hair, while maintaining its natural luster. Growing roots will also look completely healthy.
    2. Most often in such tools add caring components, and you can not only refresh the shade, but also get a full-fledged care, including normalization of the sebaceous glands of the head, softening and additional nutrition.
    3. After applying the mask, the flakes are "sealed" and your hair will look beautiful and well-groomed.
    4. Use the product for both natural and already colored strands. In the second case, it will help make the tone more vivid and rich.

    But there is a toning mask and its drawbacks:

    1. Fully cope with gray hair, it does not help, as well as with regrown roots. The only thing that can make them not so noticeable.
    2. It is worthwhile to be cautious of those who recently made lightening or highlighting, the result of you may be unpleasantly surprised.
    3. Savings here, unfortunately, does not smell.Masks, compared to conventional paint, need almost twice as much, because using it instead of a full-fledged pigmented remedy does not make sense. It can only help to prolong the period between staining.
    4. May leave marks on the headgear.

    All by the rules

    Now, when all the pros and cons are already weighed, we can proceed to the stage of choice and application. It is worth noting that blondes can achieve a visible effect from the first time. Translucent pigment will be perfectly visible on their hair.

    But for brunettes, this procedure is less effective, but still helps to make the already existing tone more saturated.

    How to use such a miracle of the cosmetic industry? No complicated manipulations are necessary. Simply apply the product to clean, damp hair, distribute evenly using a comb with fine teeth and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with running water without shampoo.

    As you can see, everything is extremely simple.

    In cosmetics stores, you can find a fairly large number of options of different price categories. But the most popular and popular among them is the following products:

    • Rowan Ton Oil Mask - one of the most budget options;
    • Newton Estel Haute Couture - even used by professional craftsmen;
    • Acme-color.

    Being beautiful is not easy, many will say. But the modern cosmetic industry gives women such a quantity of personal care products that this process becomes easier and more pleasant each time.

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