• How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

    How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

    How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

    Recently, the vacuum cleaner "celebrated" his birthday - he turned one hundred forty (!) Years old. Ten years earlier, the first patent for it was registered, so we can safely say that this homework worker turned a hundred and fifty years old.



    The range of vacuum cleaners is so wide and diverse that it is time to get lost even to the most advanced user in terms of choosing home appliances. However, if you know for sure for what purpose you need this device, it will not be as difficult to choose a vacuum cleaner as it might have seemed at first.




    Which vacuum cleaner to choose - types of cleaning




    How to choose a vacuum cleaner by cleaning type?

    How to choose a vacuum cleaner by cleaning type?


    There are two types of vacuuming: dry and wet. Accordingly, if you need a device for dry cleaning, you need to choose one of the models of vacuum cleaners designed for dry cleaning. The most common so-called balloon vacuum cleaners. This group will also include built-in, vertical and robotic vacuum cleaners.


    If you need a device that will not only save you from dust, but also effectively wash not only the tile, carpet, but curtains and tiles in the bathroom, choose a washing vacuum cleaner.



    For all its versatility, "dry" vacuum cleaners also have a rather attractive price, while washing appliances will cost you several times more expensive. Of course, they quite quickly pay back the money paid for them, but at the same time they have a number of shortcomings (except the price), which must be taken into account in order to choose a good vacuum cleaner for the house:


    • This device should never be used for cleaning carpet, natural carpeting with long nap, laminate and parquet cover, as well as furniture, especially sensitive to moisture.
    • Washing vacuum cleaners, as a rule, have much more weight and dimensions than their “dry” counterparts. From here - the certain inconvenience of their use.
    • Another significant "minus", because of which people often refuse to buy a washing vacuum cleaner - the need to disassemble, wash and dry all parts of the device after each use. Agree, if it is possible not to do this, many of us will prefer to choose and buy a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning.
    • Another significant drawback of this device is the need to purchase a special liquid for cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner.

    Thus, in order to correctly answer the question “Which vacuum cleaner to choose for the house?”, You need to carefully weigh everything and see if you need a washing appliance or your apartment will be clean enough and after cleaning with a dry vacuum cleaner. In the end, if you are used to washing windows and floors in the old fashioned way, you have all the floors covered with laminate or parquet, and you don’t have any extra money, is it worth it?



    How to choose a good vacuum cleaner - note the numbers





    What parameter characterizes the operation of the vacuum cleaner best? Of course, power! In general, here it is necessary to make a small reservation: the power of this device is characterized by two powers - the suction power and the power consumption (electrical load on the network). Suction power - these are the numbers that you should pay attention to first of all (look at the body of the device). As for the figures describing the power consumption, they have nothing to do with the efficiency of cleaning. Let's see how knowledge of power parameters will help us choose the right vacuum cleaner.


    So, as you have already understood, it depends on the suction power that depends on how effective cleaning of your dwelling will be: the more it is, the cleaner it will be in your apartment or house.



    How to choose a vacuum cleaner for power?

    How to choose a vacuum cleaner for power?


    The device capacity of up to 300 watts will allow you to do a dry cleaning of linoleum, parquet, laminate or carpet. If you have pets - cats, dogs - to clean the surfaces you need a device more powerful - 300-450 W. The maximum power fluctuates between 450 and 490 watts. This "monster" can easily cope with cleaning the carpet with a long nap, which loves to walk your well-fed Persian cat.



    However, very many modern models of vacuum cleaners have a lever-switch of power, located, for example, on the case of the device, so you can adjust the power of cleaning you need depending on the degree of contamination and the type of surface.



    Choosing a vacuum cleaner by type of dust collector



    The following types of dust collectors are distinguished.:


    • Paper bag (disposable or reusable). In principle, it collects dust well enough, but every month you have to buy a replacement for it.
    • Cloth bag. Not so effectively detains and collects dust.
    • Plastic container. The most convenient and practical type of dust collector. The dust in it is twisted into a tight clod, which can be easily thrown into the bin by simply turning the container over.


    We filter, we filter and we do not filter, or How to choose a vacuum cleaner on the filter used in it




    The filter is probably one of the most important components of any vacuum cleaner. Not only the cleaning efficiency, but also the price you have to pay for a vacuum cleaner depends on the quantity and quality of this small “thing”.

    Types of filters:



    1. Standard (synthetics, fabric, paper). Delay up to 80 percent of dust.
    2. Water filters. They are more effective because they can trap small particles of dust. Add to this the aroma function of the room.
    3. FiltersN.E.R.A.This is the most popular and popular type of filters today. Made of fiberglass-based porous material, they easily trap the smallest particles of dust.
    4. Steam generator Such a filter is able to disinfect the surface being treated with a vacuum cleaner, neutralize various insects, including mites, and remove mold.
    5. Electrostatic filters. Delay up to 99 percent of dust.
    6. Bactericidal. Neutralizes dust and harmful microorganisms.

    Important: if you have a question, what kind of vacuum cleaner to choose - with a removable or built-in filter, give preference to the first option. Such a filter can be easily replaced or simply cleaned.


    And what we have in the box?



    How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for your home?

    How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for your home?


    The most common accessories of any vacuum cleaner are, of course, attachments. There are standard nozzles for cleaning carpet and smooth surfaces, slit, dust nozzle and turbo brush, the main purpose of which is to collect wool and pile from any surface.




    How to choose a vacuum cleaner in size





    Compact small vacuum cleaner has considerable advantages. Maneuverable, lightweight, convenient to store. However, such mini-vacuum cleaners often do not contain additional filters, they cannot boast of good power and more often than their larger and respectable companions break. On the other hand, a full-sized vacuum cleaner, although not as easy to use as a mini-vacuum cleaner, nevertheless has many useful functions, it has the ability to install several filters and good power.



    Do you want to choose a good vacuum cleaner for your home? Take into account additional parameters



    Which vacuum cleaner to choose?

    What kind of vacuum cleaner should I choose?



    • The tube of the device. Well, if a good manufacturer put a telescopic tube in the box with a vacuum cleaner, but not the usual “fixed” one. With it, you will be able to adjust the length you need.
    • Cord. Everything is clear here: the longer the better. It is good if the vacuum cleaner has the function of automatic winding up the cord, for example, when you press a special lever on the body of the device with your foot.
    • Noise level. If you have small children, choose the device "quieter."
    • Guarantee. The standard period is a year or three.
    • Manufacturer. The leading manufacturers of vacuum cleaners are Bosch, Karcher, Samsung, Thomas.

    We hope our article will help you choose a vacuum cleaner that will suit you in terms of its functionality and at the same time will not hit hard.

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