• How to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment?


    How to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment?

    The number of vacuum cleaners presented today in stores selling household appliances, as well as on the Internet, is already incalculable, just like the number of mobile phones. And in this particular material, we will try to tell you how to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment.


    Now it is unlikely that there will be at least one family where they live without a vacuum cleaner. After all, with the help of this miracle of invention it is so easy to maintain cleanliness in the house. Now in stores a huge assortment of different vacuum cleaners with all sorts of functions and different design options is presented. And when choosing to get confused and get lost a simple man in the street is very easy. Therefore, it is better to read how to choose the right type of vacuum cleaner for you.


    First, it is strongly recommended that you carefully study as many vacuum cleaner models as possible on the Internet. It is very easy to do this there, besides this, you will significantly narrow the range of your search by determining the price range and other characteristics you need.


    In addition, you need to pay maximum attention to a number of important characteristics of a vacuum cleaner. Such characteristics include consumed power, suction power, types of cleaning, presence of dust collectors, noise level, dimensions of vacuum cleaners, and, of course, the price.


    Vacuum cleaners have a power range of 250-480 watts. The power of the vacuum cleaner affects the time of cleaning. The more powerful the vacuum cleaner, the faster the cleaning will be. In addition, high-power vacuum cleaners are capable of absorbing not only dust, but also heavier objects such as broken glass. In addition, the power is different if the dust collector is empty or the vacuum cleaner is overheated. So you need to know what is the average suction power. The vacuum cleaner is considered quite good with an average suction power of at least 300 watts. However, it is also necessary to understand that high-power vacuum cleaners and electricity will consume significantly more.


    The power consumption of the unit is mainly in the range of 1.6-2 kW. However, this power is considered maximum, and the vacuum cleaner will have such power only for some time after the start of work.



    How to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment?

    How to choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment?



    Then you should pay attention to the types of cleaning. Now it is not surprising to anyone that there are washing vacuum cleaners that are capable of cleaning carpets and furniture, and also that there are vacuum cleaners that clean tiles. Currently there are three types of vacuum cleaners, for wet cleaning, dry cleaning, and also combined. In addition, vacuum cleaners designed for dry-type cleaning can remove dust not only from the floor, but from clothing and furniture. This type of vacuum cleaner is relatively small in size and low price.


    Vacuum cleaners washing type, wash not only the floor covering, but also tiles and even windows. Thanks to them, you can collect spilled liquids, as well as clean upholstered furniture. However, such vacuum cleaners are not used with long pile carpets. Such vacuum cleaners are characterized by a very large consumption of electrical energy and, of course, a considerable price.


    Combined vacuum cleaners have all the advantages of the other two types of vacuum cleaners, however, their price is also the highest.


    Dust collectors of vacuum cleaners are made of fabric or paper and are both reusable and disposable.At the moment, began to produce vacuum cleaners with special containers for dust, which are much easier to clean, however, and at a price they are also superior to other models.


    Noise level is also one of the most decisive characteristics of vacuum cleaners. The standard noise limits for vacuum cleaners are 70-80 dB. For example, the human whisper is equal to 40 dB. Consequently, the fact of what noise level is allowed for you, as well as your neighbors, is up to you. In addition, the quieter the vacuum cleaner, the more expensive it will be.


    Another very important part of the purchased vacuum cleaner is its size. The fact is that in our and so mostly small apartments it is not easy to find a place to store a vacuum cleaner having non-standard dimensions. Therefore, consider whether there is a place in your apartment where a large-sized washing vacuum cleaner will be stored, and whether you have enough strength to constantly pull it out of this secluded place during the cleaning process.


    To select the most suitable price, you should monitor the prices of stores using the Internet. In addition, pay attention to the possibility of acquiring various discounts during promotions and promotions, when even an expensive, but beautiful model can be purchased for a very competitive price.


    Well, now we express hope that you can easily select a vacuum cleaner that will be great for both you and your apartment.

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