• How to choose a TV?

    Before you choose a TV, you need to decide what type of TV you want and how much you expect. You will know how to choose the right TV if you stick to the following points:

    • It is necessary to determine the size of the screen of the future TV. How to choose the size of the TV? The screen size is largely determined by the location where the TV will be located. There is a well-known rule - the distance to the screen should be three diagonal sizes of the screen, which must be followed.
    • To decide on the choice of technology. It is very important to make the right choice. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Choose a technology that will be able to satisfy desires.

    Types of TVs

    There are four types of technology:

    1. Kinescopic. This technology is the oldest. Advantages: very long operation, very good and high-quality picture. Disadvantages: large weight, large size, can not support HDTV.
    2. LCD technology. One of the young technology.Advantages: has a flat panel, supports high definition, the size of the HD - matrix can be small. Disadvantages: low response speed and limited viewing angle, the image has low contrast and a tough picture.
    3. Plasma technology. It is the oldest flat panel technology. Benefits: Plasma gives high image contrast. The picture is more natural, very beautiful colors and soft sound. Disadvantages: burnout is characteristic of parts of the plasma panel, diagonals having less than 50 inches do not support the HD format.
    4. Projection technology. Very young technology. Advantages: softness of the picture, good clarity, high contrast and brightness. Minus: the angle of view has vertical limitations.

    What to consider when choosing a TV

    Understanding how to choose a good TV is not a problem. Here are some simple rules:

    • It is necessary to choose the screen resolution. The screen resolution is determined by the number of pixels, in turn, the pixel determines the image quality.
    • Decide on the choice of manufacturer. There are many manufacturers who are engaged in the development and creation of televisions.Some manufacturers are engaged in the creation of plasma TVs, others, LCD and so on, there are those who are engaged in the production of all technologies. It should be borne in mind that each manufacturer uses certain means to create a TV, but they all use the latest equipment and technology.
    • You need to choose the model of the future TV. Before you decide on a model, you need to compare your favorite models. The main attention when choosing a model should be paid to the screen size, its production technology, resolution and look at the manufacturer.
    • Decide on the store. Carefully read all the offers. Each store offers its own conditions for buying a TV. One and the same TV in different stores can be purchased under different conditions. Thus, you can choose a store where you will purchase a TV for more favorable conditions.
    • Carefully watch the picture. All stores will argue that it is here that real professionals and professionals work, who will tell you how to choose the right TV.But you will reject these services and ask for the TV remote control - see for yourself the questions you can answer. You need to know that many TVs in stores are customized, so they will give a good picture, your task is to return the factory settings and make sure that the picture shows the correctness and quality. Only in this way can we be convinced of the real characteristics of the TV. When you return the factory settings, do not change anything, the resulting picture should be completely satisfied, otherwise proceed to check the next product. After this operation, it will become clear about the real, factory characteristics of the TV.
    • Listen carefully to the sound quality. It should be remembered that the TV should have not only a high-quality image, but also a pleasant, good sound. The sound of bass in the TV should be low, even if the TV will operate at full volume, there should be no extraneous noise, rattling. It is recommended to use natural sounds to test the sound. Natural sounds are the noise of foliage, the splashing of water, the wind and many other sounds of nature. You can use a disk on which this information will be recorded to check the sound.If the natural sounds are heard clearly, it can be concluded that the sound from the TV is good - it will meet your requirements.
    • You must follow the correct testing methodology. For testing it is recommended to use a good DVD player. It must be connected to the TV and run any movie, preferably one that has already been watched. In this film, there should be a variety of sounds, the plot should also be diverse. Recommended films for testing: Starship Troop, Elusive, Anton Zimmer, 9th Company. When testing the TV should check the sound at high frequencies. Do not forget to check the status of the TV tuner.
    • Sellers to sell goods apply some tricks. Therefore, before choosing a TV, you should know that they can adjust the picture on the device so that it looks brighter, the contrast is high, and the sound is distinct. Also, when talking to you, they may use buzz words, the meanings of which you may not understand. Council one - it is not necessary to be conducted on their tricks. Check the contrast, the sound of the TV, its brightness and make sure that everything is in good and working condition. Do not trust the labels that will be on the product - this can be a marketing ploy.

    Remember, if you have finally decided on the choice of TV - take exactly the one that you checked.

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