• How to choose a quality mattress for the bed?

    How pleasant in the evening to lie on the bed and sweetly sleep until morning. But what to do if a deep sleep only dreams, and in the morning the whole body hurts? You probably don't have the best mattress. How to choose it? There are several important points.


    So what types of mattresses are there? In total, they can be divided into two large groups: spring and springless. Each option is worth staying in more detail.

    To ensure that the back does not hurt

    Spring mattresses

    Spring mattresses are known to all of us for a very long time, our mothers and even grandmothers slept on them. There are two possible options:

    • Spring block. It consists of many biconical springs, which are fastened together with a frame. The whole spring cloth turns out. This option is considered the most common and cheap. The mattress can withstand heavy loads and has a good orthopedic effect, that is, it supports the back well during sleep. But this option has significant drawbacks.Firstly, such a mattress can sag in some places (most often in the middle). Secondly, it can rust. Thirdly, there is often a terrible creaking in a year or two of exploitation. In addition, dust and even insects can accumulate inside.
    • An independent spring block is a structure consisting of springs. Each of them is packed in its own pouch, and these bags are fastened together. Such a mattress does not creak, is very durable, perfectly supports your back. The price is not so high. But inside, uninvited guests can also stay.

    Springless mattresses

    Springless mattress inside has no springs, their functions are performed by various fillers. Types of fillers may vary. Here are some possible options:

    • Water. We've all seen movies in which the main characters sleep on water mattresses. It looks very original and unusual. But what really? As for convenience, then, perhaps, if you get used to such a mattress, it can seem comfortable. But the orthopedic properties are low. Yes, and funny cases (that is, punctures) have not been canceled.
    • Air. This filler is more often used for the manufacture of hiking mattresses.But it's not recommended to sleep on them all the time. They can deflate, and comfort will not be maximized. Full support for the body is also not provided.
    • Foam rubber. If it is of high quality, then the mattress can last for quite a long time, providing good support. But, unfortunately, manufacturers often neglect quality.
    • Batting (or cotton wool) - the worst option of all. Fortunately, today such material is practically not used.
    • Horsehair is a natural material, but very allergenic.
    • Coconut fiber. Want to buy a baby mattress? Give preference to this option. Coconut is very tough and can provide excellent backbone support, natural and hypoallergenic, and also "breathes", which is also very important.
    • The mattress can also include natural latex. Such material is made from the juice of the rubber tree. The mattress will be quite elastic, durable and quite elastic.
    • Artificial latex is harder and more resilient than natural. Such material is environmentally friendly, safe and hypoallergenic. In addition, its price is not so high, but it provides excellent support.
    • Pressed natural cotton.He breathes well, evaporates moisture and lets air through. But the orthopedic properties are not the best. Although sleeping on such a mattress is very comfortable for many
    • Sheep wool perfectly warms, does not trap moisture and "breathes."
    • Polyurethane foam is a modern filler, characterized by excellent elasticity, environmental friendliness and hypoallergenic properties. The mattress literally takes the form of a body, which is very convenient for many. But the orthopedic properties are low.
    • Holofiber is also very convenient, durable and practical.

    There are other fillers, but they are not as common as those listed above.

    How to make a choice?

    Pay attention to its composition.

    So, how to choose a mattress for the bed? What should I look for when buying? We list the most important points:

    1. Do I need a special orthopedic mattress? As a rule, if a person is healthy, then such a purchase will not be necessary. But this option is optimal for people with large body mass (good support will be provided), as well as for those who have problems with the spine (he needs a hard support). But It is worth noting that you need to get used to the orthopedic mattress, since it is much tougher than usual.
    2. Dimensions.They may be different, so before you buy, be sure to measure your bed, so as not to lose.
    3. Upholstery. The best option is jacquard fabric. It is very durable and pleasant to touch. But the cost of such a mattress will be not cheap. In general, all upholstery can be divided into two groups: natural and artificial. The first ones are more comfortable and pleasant, but the second ones are strong, durable and practical.
    4. The weight. Yes, it is important. So, if the body weight is not more than 60 kilograms, then a soft mattress will do. If a person weighs 60-90 kilograms, then you should choose a mattress of medium hardness. With a weight over 90 kg the best option is a hard orthopedic mattress. There is also a combined model for double beds, which sleep two people with a big difference in weight. One half can be more rigid, while the other will be soft.
    5. Age. For example, it is better for a child to buy a springless rather hard mattress, older people are recommended soft or medium mattresses.
    6. Price. Remember that you have to pay for everything. So do not try to look for free cheese, you know where it is. A good quality mattress will cost at least 4-5 thousand rubles.
    7. Quality. How to define it? Inspect the mattress from all sides. If the stitches are inaccurate, then such a mattress can quickly fail. You should also be alerted by sticking threads, low-quality seams, gaps in the material and other defects.
    8. Manufacturers. Give preference only to reputable firms with a good reputation. Read reviews and information about the company, find out how long it exists.

    Helpful Tips

    Quality comes first

    To make the right choice, follow the simple guidelines:

    1. In the store, sit on the mattress, lie down on it. After all, you must be sure that you will be comfortable and convenient. It is better to wear comfortable clothes so that nothing interferes with testing. Try out a few models. Do not hesitate: turn over, change your position, lie on your back, then on your stomach, then on your side.
    2. Perform a hardness test. Ask the seller to put the mattress vertically, resting it on the wall. Push in the middle. If the deflection was more than 25-30 centimeters, the mattress will not provide the necessary support and will not last for a long time.
    3. If you are allergic, it is better to abandon the natural fillers, preferring hypoallergenic synthetic.
    4. It is not always possible to believe an advertisement or seller. Be based on personal knowledge and sensations.

    Let the mattress last for a long time and provide a sound and healthy sleep!

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