• How to choose a level?

    Just a few years ago, geodetic instruments were not so heterogeneous, and such words as "level" were unequivocal. This word was previously understood simply as an optical device, the purpose of which was to accurately determine the excess of surface points relative to each other, and after a certain time this device began to determine the distance from the point of stay to a specific object. Today, the tasks and methods for solving them have not changed at all, but the laser level itself is now very different from its predecessor. Now companies offer a huge number of different models and manufacturers of similar devices. How, then, to systematize the information obtained and acquire a laser level with such characteristics that would allow you to do the necessary work, while obtaining maximum convenience and without losing quality?

    Nowadays, the laser level has ceased to be a wonder, today this device can often be found on the windows of shops that sell construction tools.The level is an invaluable assistant in the execution of any construction, installation or repair work inside buildings for various purposes. This device provides the construction of mutually perpendicular vertical and horizontal laser circuits within the radius of the exposure level (up to 15-25 m). The number of circuits due to the design characteristics of the measuring device, more specifically, the number of emitting prisms. The correctness of readings of such devices often fluctuates, but often amounts to two millimeters per 10 meters. What is capable oflaser level? Depending on the modelThe scope of a specific measuring device is also changing. Significantly increase the possibility of a rotational laser level, the possibility of building not only vertical and horizontal, but also an inclined plane.

    The use of rotational laser levels is limited only by a review of the laser beam, if you use the device during bright sunlight, its review will be 15 m. To increase the visibility of this device, special laser glasses are often used in the work.In addition, during the determination of the position of the beam at a large distance, laser detectors are used. The laser detector and the rotational level together form a set for the highest measurement accuracy, since the laser radiation receivers make it possible to increase the range of actions of this device to 175 m (this depends on the type and model). Moreover, the detector is often combined with a remote control to use the level at a distance.

    In order to find a laser level that meets the set requirements, you need to rationally weigh the scale of the work to be done, as well as decide on the associated conditions for performing the assigned tasks. Coming out of such considerations, you can make certain conclusions about the direction of your own choice.

    A large number of points taken into account during the formation of prices on the laser level. The cost is determined depending on the type of the device itself - it can be a plane builder or, for example, a laser rotational level. Also the price depends on its guarantee, the reputation of the manufacturer, and, of course, the quality of performance and reliability.

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