• How to choose a kitchen?

    If earlier the range of furniture stores was very poor, then at present it is unlimited. Now the problem arises, which kitchen is better to choose among all the variety. Let's try to understand and consider the most important criteria for choosing a kitchen set.


    • Classic. She never goes out of style. Carved wooden furniture looks very impressive. Of course, I can not afford to wood everything, but if your kitchen has large windows and high ceilings, then the classic is undoubtedly your style.
    • Modern This is one of the most popular styles to date. In such a kitchen, the most important thing is convenience. Here, all the details are thought out to the last detail. Kitchens in modern style, as a rule, are not bright. They have a lot of light and free space.
    • Country In the "rustic" style there are wooden facades, wicker furniture, flowers in clay pots. A country-style kitchen is always simple, cozy and functional.
    • High tech. This is the exact opposite of country music. Here glass and metal reigns, there is an ultra-modern technology and accessories.

    Color of kitchen set

    Of course, choosing the right style is very important.But no less important is the color solution. Let's look at what color to choose for the kitchen? Blue color will give the kitchen peace and freshness, and green - harmony and tranquility. Yellow and orange colors create a cozy atmosphere and lift the mood. Red color is often annoying, so it is not suitable for many. As an alternative, it is better to choose a pink or burgundy color. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the color affects not only the mood, but also the natural desire to eat food. For example, yellow, red or orange colors increase appetite, and bright blue, on the contrary, suppresses it. When deciding which color to choose the kitchen, you should pay attention to the fact that the kitchen, made in one color, loses to the kitchen, which combines several shades. So, kitchen furniture looks very harmoniously, in which there are dim yellow and delicate green colors. This kitchen is very cozy and uplifting. If you want to increase the space, then you should choose any shade in combination with white. And if your kitchen is small and suffers from a lack of lighting, you need to select furniture of light colors.


    In the manufacture of furniture currently uses a wide range of materials.It can be stone, glass, wood, chrome, etc. All of them have a different purpose and durability.


    When deciding on which facade to choose for the kitchen, you need to take into account the price indicator. So, the cheapest and at the same time low-practical material is chipboard. MDF refers to the average price range and high practicality. Fashionable colored doors are made of expensive MDF, aluminum profiles and wood. The choice depends entirely on the amount that the owners of the future kitchen set are willing to pay. If there is no desire to overpay, but I want the kitchen to serve for a long time, then it is best to choose a facade from MDF. Manufacturers offer about 50 shades of this material, so that the choice of colors will not cause problems. Well, if you want a more modern kitchen and are ready to pay a decent amount of money, then it is best to purchase an aluminum profile facade.

    Table top

    Countertops are made of artificial and natural stone, as well as chipboard, covered with plastic. Because of its price, combined with good quality, the latter is the most popular option. Thanks to the widest range of colors, it is easy to choose the color of the tabletop. By the way, not only shades are different, but also textures: glossy and matte.

    Kitchen "apron"

    If you do not want to use standard kitchen tile on the working plane, you can use special moisture-resistant panels. They are easy to match the color of the tabletop, which will give the impression of integrity of the design The cost of the panels is slightly higher than the price of a good tile. However, they are much easier to install, and also do not require additional preparation of the walls. In addition, these panels do not need special care. They simply wipe with a damp cloth from time to time. By the way, the life of the panels according to manufacturers is 10 years.


    There are also possible variations for any wallet and taste. It can be cheap plastic or expensive chrome and wood. The choice of kitchen fittings should be approached no less seriously. For example, plastic pens eventually peel off and lose color after 1-2 years. Therefore, saving them is definitely not worth it. Furniture legs are also important. It is best to choose the legs that can be adjusted in height. Especially since they are not expensive at all.


    When choosing a kitchen, without a doubt, design plays a significant role. But still in the first place is exactly the functionality of the kitchen. Which kitchen to choose in terms of this parameter?


    The ideal arrangement of household appliances is as follows: a refrigerator, a sink, and a stove. There must be at least 50 centimeters of worktop between them. This arrangement allows you to significantly speed up the cooking process due to the minimum number of movements. As for the technology itself, the built-in equipment is located at the leading positions. It not only combines a large number of various functions, but also looks luxurious. Separately, it is worth to provide combined household appliances. They are great for small spaces. For example, you can save space when installing an oven combined with a microwave.

    Internal "stuffing"

    This is also a very important point. It is worthwhile to think in advance about what you will keep in your kitchen. In this case, you need to foresee everything: cutlery boxes, a large spacious drawer for pans, a place for a microwave oven or a food processor, and even a bottle-holder. Modern sliding systems allow you to choose folding, sliding or hinged doors.For small rooms, you can choose a retractable additional table. When choosing the internal structure of the kitchen, it is necessary to inquire about how much this or that structure can withstand. This is an extremely important point, since the overload of the box can end very badly.

    They will help you decide on which kitchen to choose, photos located.

    Now you know how to choose the kitchen. Remember that you have to be on it for quite some time. In no case do not take headsets of defiant colors, as soon it will annoy you. Before buying, make sure to make all the necessary measurements, you see, it will not be very pleasant if the furniture you have bought does not fit into any corner. If you have a sufficient amount of funds, it is best, of course, to purchase high-quality wooden furniture of natural color. In this case, you will be sure that it will serve you for many years.

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