• How to choose a kettle thermopot?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    May 23, 2016
    How to choose a kettle thermopot?

    In recent years, thermopots, thermo kettles, have become very popular. They allow you to heat more water, which can be very convenient for an office kitchen, and keep the temperature of boiled water for a long time. A good model can be found in the online store. For example, in the Foxtrot store you can choose and buy a thermo sweat from several options offered.

    What is the difference between the thermal trail and the electric kettle?

    1. Thermopot is more capacious than a teapot. Even the smallest models are capable of holding up to 2.2 liters, and medium and large ones up to 3.5 liters.
    2. The electric kettle has a large capacity, the capacity of the thermopot is no more than 1 kW. The kettle heats the water faster, the thermobot - from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the volume of water in it (five minutes per liter).
    3. Thermopot is still on the table. Water can be poured into the cup by pressing a special ledge, a special button, or a key that activates the pump.
    4. Thermopot has an important advantage: it maintains the temperature of the heated water as long as it is connected to the network, and for some time after it is turned off.He spends a small amount of energy on this function.
    5. The size of the thermotube is larger than the standard kettle, so its placement will require more space.

    Buy Thermal Bulk: Selection Criteria

    The average cost of a thermopot is from 3 to 12 thousand. The price is made up of functionality, volume and brand. Choosing a model, pay attention to these points:

    1. Temperature. Determine what temperature you will need water and for how long it will be maintained. There are models that heat the water, then turn off and turn on again to warm the cooling water. Despite the small cost of electricity, it is still a cost, so you need to take into account this feature. There are models that keep the water hot for six hours and then turn off, and the water gradually cools down.
    2. Volume The choice of volume depends on how many people will use thermopot. If this is a small family of two or three people, then you can choose a device with a volume of 2.6 liters. If you often have guests or you select a model for an office, buy a thermopot of the maximum possible volume for you.
    3. The method of obtaining water.Most models have a button, after pressing which water flows from the thermopot into the cup in a thin stream. You can also find thermopots, which work as a cooler, on the principle of a pump, without requiring the cost of electricity.
    4. Additional features and design. Thermopots are made of plastic or metal - metal are of great quality, so they are more expensive. The presence of the display is an additional useful feature: you can see the temperature of the heated water. You can also find functions for reducing steam, built-in filters, etc. The more functions the model has, the higher its price.

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