• How to choose a hotel?

    A well-planned vacation will leave only good impressions and memories. An important aspect of the preparation and planning of recreation is the choice of accommodation. To choose the right hotel you need to pay attention to several important points.

    Purpose of the trip

    First you need to decide on the purpose of the trip. Whether you plan a vacation at sea, in the mountains or a tour of the sights of the city will directly determine the choice of place of residence.

    Hotel location

    Those who dream of relaxing by the sea and having breakfast under the sound of the waves should choose a hotel in close proximity to the shore and at a minimum distance from the beach. Sea view rooms usually exceed the cost of a room overlooking the city, the park or another hotel, but they certainly will not leave indifferent lovers of beautiful views.

    If the option of living by the sea seems too boring and monotonous, you should choose a hotel where there are restaurants, cafes, shops and various parks and entertainment centers. Typically, these hotels are located in the city center, within walking distance of museums, exhibitions and amusement parks.This option is suitable for those who like to always keep abreast of events that occur in the city.

    Transport accessibility

    From the location of the hotel is directly dependent on its transport accessibility. You should know in advance if there are shops, cafes and restaurants within walking distance from the hotel. To plan a family vacation, one should also consider transport accessibility to the city center, where most entertainment centers are located, which children will surely like. If you need to get to the right place by public transport, you need to take into account that children are unlikely to enjoy long trips.

    Hotel categories

    Many wonder which hotel to choose for a holiday with family, friends or independent travel. Hotels can be 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 star. They differ in the range of services provided and the level of comfort.

    1 star

    In hotels with 1 star provides a minimum level of comfort. Facilities can be located on the floor, in the room itself there is usually no air conditioning. In hotels of this type there is no food, breakfast is possible for an additional fee.

    Such hotels are located in such areas of the city, from where,to see the sights or swim in the near reservoir, have to go by public transport.

    2 stars

    The room has a bathroom, TV. This type of hotel is suitable for short trips, when you need to spend the night somewhere, to continue the tourist route the next day.

    3 stars

    This category of hotels is considered the most common. Accommodation often includes breakfast. The room has all the amenities, including shower, toilet, air conditioning, TV, sometimes a mini-bar and refrigerator.

    4 stars

    Rooms in this hotel have all the necessary amenities: telephone, mini-bar or refrigerator, bathroom with bidet and hairdryer, air conditioning, TV. Also, customers are provided with a free parking space in a guarded parking lot, the opportunity to use the gym and swimming pool.

    5 stars

    Such hotels provide the maximum level of comfortable living. There are single, double rooms, and rooms with improved layout or multi-room apartments.

    The five-star hotel has a developed infrastructure that meets all the necessary requirements of customers:several bars and restaurants with European and national cuisine, swimming pools, a nightclub, a disco, shops, beauty salons and hairdressers, laundries and gyms.

    After a suitable type of accommodation has been found, it is recommended to book a hotel by phone or online on the hotel website. One of the most convenient resources for finding and booking a hotel is a website. You can also search and select hotels on,, and.

    Choosing a hotel for a holiday is not at all difficult; proper planning and timely booking of the hotel will make the trip a wonderful and memorable pastime.

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