• How to choose a free hairstyle?

    August 31, 2014
    How to choose a free hairstyle?

    So you decided to make a new haircut, but do not know whether it will go to you? It does not matter, it is easy to check with the help of special programs and Internet services. You can try on different hairstyles, haircuts and styling, without leaving your computer. From the article you will learn how to choose a hairstyle for free and what Internet resources for this exist.

    In the open spaces of the network you will find many services that will help you choose a free hairstyle online. You can also download a program for selecting hairstyles to your computer. Usually downloaded programs have more options and are a virtual beauty salon where you can choose not only a hair style, but also hair color, makeup, jewelry and accessories: glasses, hats, shawls. Such programs will help not only women, but also men to choose an interesting image for themselves, because there are also men's hairstyles and accessories.

    Virtual beauty salon

    For example, here is one of the most popular virtual image studios -. On the site you can choose a free hairstyle for the photo.You can choose the image online or download the program to your computer. The program has simple and intuitive management and is absolutely free.

    1. Choose a photo. It is best to use a photo where the hair is combed back or a scarf is tied over the head. It is advisable that you look directly into the camera, and the background is uniform. If you do not have your own photo, then you can choose from the gallery a model similar to you.
    2. To try on a wig, you first need to synchronize your photo with a virtual database. You will be prompted by cursors to highlight your pupils, the corners of the eyes and lips. Check that the contours of your face coincide with the contours of the virtual stylist. Adjust the contour if necessary. How accurately you do this work will determine the final result. It is necessary that the hairstyle look as natural as possible on your head.
    3. You can scale and move the hairstyle pattern to achieve a more natural image.
    4. For your convenience, all hairstyles are divided into categories: short, long, medium with styling. You can also choose a hair color at your discretion.

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