• How to choose a durable paint

    Wear-resistant paint is called paint coatings for wood or concrete, capable of not losing their decorative qualities with all sorts of increased loads.

    These loads include:

    · Influence of external mechanical factors. Erasing the paint layer due to the constant flow of people, the load from car tires, etc.

    · Exposure to chemical materials. The effects of moisture, refined petroleum products, acids, gases and other various chemical compounds can be attributed.

    · Effect of temperature. Low or high temperature regimes, from 60 degrees.

    There are special compositions for painting wooden floor, which are not influenced by all of the above factors. But more often produce materials, the specialization of which is aimed at a certain type of external factors: resistance to moisture, shock-resistant, resistance to various types of acids, fire, etc.

    Variants of wear-resistant paint for exterior and interior:

    1. Epoxy.Two-component flooring compositions that, when applied to the surface, are extremely durable and resistant to wear. In most cases, used for painting concrete, sometimes for metal. Not influenced by sunlight, acid, moisture, and serve for many years.

    2. Acrylic. Made with the addition of solvents. Used in many areas: painting wooden floor, wall, facade, concrete, etc. They are an environmentally friendly material, therefore they are often used in residential buildings, educational institutions, and hospitals.

    3. Paints with anti-corrosion effect. They include enamel and zinc powder, the purpose of which is to protect metal objects from the effects of corrosion.

    4. Paint coatings with heat-resistant functions. They are used for exterior painting of chimney pipes, furnaces, hot water pipes, equipment with a heating temperature up to 80 degrees.

    These are the most common types of wear-resistant paint. It is worth choosing based on the material that should be painted, as well as the conditions for its further operation. English lacquer coatings have a good reputation - they are environmentally friendly and reliable. However, other manufacturers also have good paints.Focus on the best for yourself price-quality ratio. But remember that the durability of the coating will depend on your choice.

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