• How to choose a down jacket Alaska?

    Down jackets, which are called “Alaska” in Russia, have been popular all over the world for 50 years. A prototype of modern jackets was clothing residents of the Russian, then the US state of Alaska. Fur warm parks with a hood were treated with a composition containing fat, which made them also waterproof. Traditionally, such winter clothing was worn over the head and had no zippers.

    Appearance of alaska

    Properties such as impermeability and excellent heat retention became the basis for creating jackets for the US military. It was created two types of jackets: N-2B and N-3B. The first was elongated and sewed for ground services, technicians, dispatchers and others. N-3B with a shortened length was intended for pilots. All jackets were designed to operate in extreme conditions, because at high altitude the temperature drops to -40 ° C. Traditional jackets N-2B and N-3b Parka, first launched into production by the American company Alpha Industries in the 50s of the last century, were tested in the case of US strategic aviation pilots.

    Alaska down jacket

    Jackets were made of high-quality flight nylon with the addition of silk, which was impregnated with a special composition, which gave the fabric water resistance while maintaining breathability. For insulation took polyester fiber. The detachable hood inside was trimmed with a muton and trimmed with fur. The jacket had buttons and a long zipper extending up the hood, and when fastening it left a small “window” for review.

    Alaska down jacket

    In the 70s, the original N-2B and N-3B jackets began to be copied by many manufacturers, who made their own additions to them. For example, in some models, the insulated fiber was replaced with a fur lining, which could be unfastened if desired. New styles appeared, jackets for women also began to be sewn. In Russia, an Alaska down jacket is ideal for a harsh winter.

    Alaska down jacket

    Modern manufacturers offer many options for the usual jacket. For many of them, there is a detachable, comfortable hood, lining made of fur or special insulation, many convenient pockets. There is a special flap that closes the main zipper and fastens with buttons (as in traditional flight jackets) or buttons, and there is also lacing.

    Variety of jackets

    It affects the color variety of products. Despite the fact that men's jackets are usually strict restrained tones, some manufacturers sew green, blue, red models. There is also a white version of Alaska, ideal for young and slim men.

    Today, Alaska down jacket has become a universal popular clothing for the cold season. It operates in the autumn and winter seasons at temperatures up to 35 ° C. Perfectly preserving warmth and having a small weight, Alaska helps to feel comfortable for both city residents and tourists making extreme journeys. The weight of the jacket can vary from 1300 to 1600 grams depending on the materials used.

    This jacket is convenient for a city dweller in that it will help you to feel comfortable outside in the freezing weather, in transport, and in warm rooms. The down jacket is sewn from special breathable fabrics that will not allow to sweat much, but if a person is still sweating, then it will allow to dry quickly. Synthetic or natural insulation and the fabric itself is similar in properties to a vapor-permeable membrane, on the one hand, protecting against cold, on the other - evaporating the body.

    When buying Alaska worth paying attention to the insulation.Well-known manufacturers today use not only fluff, but also replace its part with feathers. The correct ratio will be - 85% to 15% higher. Such a filler will allow you to feel comfortable and comfortable at any temperature.

    The material for the outside is usually used very durable, wear-resistant, specially treated by impregnation from moisture. In expensive models it can be a modern synthetic material, in jackets cheaper traditional nylon. You can stay on the model, made of water-repellent polyester, as well as a mixed fabric of cotton and polyvinyl. These jackets are worn for several seasons without losing appearance. They dry quickly enough after getting wet and have good thermoregulation.

    When buying Alaska you need to pay attention to the following details.

    1. The hood inside must have artificial fur and a special adjustment that protects the lower part of the face well. When fastening, the hood creates a semblance of a pipe with a serious furry, which greatly helps to save the face in the bitter cold. Under this condition, you can put any hat on your head or do without it.

    2The jacket should be waterproof zippers, which additionally keep the contents of waterproof pockets dry. In addition, the main zipper unzips the top and bottom, which with a heavy load will not allow it to break, it will just be unbuttoned.

    3. Jacket sleeves should have knitted cuffs, tight-fitting wrists, which will additionally help to keep warm.

    4. In some models there are special bottom cuffs, fastened with buttons and additionally retain heat. Or internal utyazhki on the bottom of the jacket, not allowing the wind and snow to get inside.

    5. Sleeves have an anatomical cut that does not restrict freedom of movement. In addition, elbow reinforcement is usually present. The seams on the jacket are chained with inherent wrinkles, which under load can stretch rather than tear.

    When choosing a jacket, you should pay attention to the climatic conditions of the area, the goals with which the model is selected, the age and lifestyle of the man who will wear Alaska. Shorter versions will suit young energetic people. People aged and with very cold winters should stop the choice on elongated jackets to mid-thigh.

    In addition, the jacket should be measured on the clothes that will be worn under it, for example, on a sweater or jacket.It is worth noting that this type of jacket is not to be worn with strict jackets.

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