• How to choose a brush for blush?


    Often, after a sleepless night or hard working days, you can see in the morning in the mirror a weary face with dark circles under the eyes. A woman can be saved by a magic cosmetic bag. Makeup creates real miracles even with nondescript representatives of the weaker sex! And the correct application of blush allows you to give the skin a healthy, radiant look and adjust the shape of the face. And half the success in this matter is a good choice of brush for blush.

    Often in a set with rouge you can see a small brush, but it is better to use it, rather, as a duty option. For high-quality makeup, it is better to have a separate, specially selected brush. Girls who have never had such a tool in their cosmetics bag will have a hard time finding a suitable option. To buy did not turn into disappointment, it is important to take into account a lot of criteria when choosing a brush for blush.

    A variety of makeup brushes

    A variety of makeup brushes

    Natural or synthetic bristle?

    For the manufacture of brushes for blush used both natural and artificial materials.Synthetic bristles (made of acrylic or plastic fibers) have a smooth structure and are more suitable for applying liquid, cream blush. These brushes perfectly cleaned and last longer than natural products. Synthetic pile is not capable of causing allergies, unlike natural ones. And, of course, the relatively low cost is not the last advantage of brushes made of synthetic materials.

    Brushes with natural bristles (from squirrels, sable, martens, ponies, goats) are more soft than their artificial counterparts. Due to their porous structure, crumbly blush will perfectly lie on the cheekbones. But with a liquid rouge such a brush will not cope: the villi will instantly stick together, and the pores will become clogged up - and the brush will be spoiled.

    With a liquid blush, the brush can easily cope with a mixed pile. A distinctive feature of these brushes are bicolor villi (artificial - lighter shade). With this tool you can replenish the makeup of each lady.

    Compact rouge and brush

    Compact rouge and brush

    The form of the brush

    When you have decided which brush making material is right for you, you need to figure out which brush shape you need.The shape of the brush determines the method of applying cosmetics and the final result. The most common types of brushes depending on the shape of the pile are:

    Round brushes. They are suitable for the distribution of blush over a fairly wide area of ​​the face, but are not applicable to thin and clear lines. With the help of a round brush, you can achieve a natural cheekbone blush by applying a light movement from the temples to the center of the face.
    Oval brushes. A brush of this shape helps to achieve the same result, but it is often used in conjunction with the bevelled model.
    Crossed brushes. The angled pile of the beveled brush allows you to gently apply the blush on the cheekbones precisely in the proportions in which it is necessary to place the necessary accents, which is called “draw” the line of the cheekbones. The brush is able to draw a line, gradually descending to "no": a broad beginning, a gradual narrowing and, finally, a complete disappearance. If necessary, the applied lines are slightly shaded with an oval brush.
    Trapezoid brushes (blade shape). They usually have both natural and synthetic fibers. With their help, you can apply both crumbly and cream blush.Such a brush is capable of drawing clear lines on the cheekbones, and qualitatively shading them. This versatile version is a real find for beginners who are new to the art of applying makeup.
    Fan brushes. This makeup tool was borrowed from artists who created original masterpieces with the help of fan brushes, easily and masterfully managing them on canvas. Today, a fan brush is quite a popular thing in the work of makeup artists. This tool helps to complete the make-up by removing unnecessary residues of powder and blush from the face, while the soft fibers create an even tone of the face without damaging the makeup. The material of the execution of the fan brush is of no fundamental importance. It is only important that the nap is not painted in a dark color, otherwise the face will remain ugly marks.

    Density and stiffness of pile

    These qualities entirely depend on the type of your chosen blush. After all, the denser the brush filling, the more particles of the cosmetic it will capture. And for too dark and bright blush this is undesirable - the bright cheeks of the dolls do not fit into the concept of natural makeup, even if it is an evening make-up.Hard, dense pile suitable for the blush of light, unsaturated shades. Preferred cosmetics natural colors - get a soft brush.

    Blush in the balls is better to apply with a wide and fluffy brush. Compact blush prefer brushes with a soft, natural bristle.

    How to choose a brush of excellent quality?

    As mentioned earlier, the artificial pile of the brush does not mean low quality.

    Whatever nap you prefer - natural or artificial, it is important that it does not shed during use!

    To check the brush for this criterion before buying, try to shake it slightly or even run your finger over it - the pile does not crumble at a good quality brush. After pressing on the pile, it should return to its original position, rather than break off or bend.

    The presence of a sharp, chemical smell of the dye is unacceptable. Hypoallergenicity of the material can not be checked before purchase, this quality will be checked after several applications. To exclude the possibility of redness of the skin due to the use of poor quality napple, use products of only proven brands.

    Some unscrupulous manufacturers paint brushes in black to create the appearance of black goat wool or black fox wool.

    These materials are quite expensive, but the brushes of them are considered the most high-quality and popular professional makeup artists. If, after washing the brush, the nap is shed, this is an obvious fake, and it does not possess all the qualities declared by the manufacturer.

    A good brush is soft enough and does not cause discomfort when touching the skin. Try brushing the delicate skin of your wrist to test this quality. The touch of the brush should resemble a light and pleasant massage. If you experience unpleasant tingling sensations, it is better to refrain from buying, even if in any other relationship the brush suits you. Too hard brush will not only traumatize the skin, but also lubricate the makeup base.

    Blush and brush for them

    Blush and brush for them

    The handle should be durable, smooth (especially if you chose a wooden handle). Damage, chips and cracks on the handle are not allowed. It should not bend when used.

    The pile is attached to the handle with a metal clip.It is important that she firmly pressed the pile to the handle. When tilting the bristles to the side, the distance from the base of the pile to the clip should not exceed 1 mm.

    It is better to purchase makeup tools in certified stores, and not on the Internet. It is important to personally see, touch, stroke the goods that you liked. When choosing a brush for blush tactile sensations become paramount.

    Try how the brush fits in your hand: the easier it is for you to make movements with the brush, the more accurate the applied makeup will be.

    Do not regret time for a careful selection of the brush. This investment is profitable, because you get a tool that you plan to use for more than one year, provided you get the right care.

    Blush is applied with a beveled brush.

    Blush is applied with a beveled brush.

    Brush care for blush

    Each brush, from simple to the most expensive and high-quality, requires proper care. Regular and careful care of brushes for blush will help to extend their life.

    Blush brushes for blush once a week or more often as needed. There are special care products for makeup brushes. If you purchase a natural bristle brush, it is better to use specially made professional cosmetics for care.But for artificial villi, ordinary shampoo or soap is enough. The product is diluted in warm water and rinsed with a brush, without touching the pile. Then the brush should be slightly blotted with a cloth, dried in a horizontal position, avoiding contact of the pile with the surface.

    It is impossible to dry the brush in an upright position, glue: with which the nap is attached to the base, is destroyed by moisture

    In case of problem skin, the hands need additional disinfection with the help of special agents or regular chlorhexidine at least once every three weeks.

    A little trick: if the nap is out of shape due to improper care, you can restore it by dipping the tip of the nap in hot water (not more than 90 degrees) for two minutes.

    The choice of makeup brushes depends on the quality of the make-up, as well as the time that will have to be spent each time to create an image. Experienced make-up artists assure: you can buy inexpensive blush, but the brush for their application certainly must be of high quality. Only then will you achieve the result, as if using premium class cosmetics.

    That's all you need to know if you are planning to buy a brush for blush.These simple tips will help you choose the best in terms of price and quality and pleasant to use brush. This will allow you to look fresh and attractive, no matter how many hours you rest or whatever worries you may have. Yet outer beauty is rather a reflection of inner beauty and health.

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