• How to check credit history?

    Olga Kandayeva
    Olga Kandayeva
    February 4, 2013
    How to check credit history?

    Many are interested in the question of how to check credit history. Today, it is the credit history that makes it possible to get a loan. It must be clean, "without blemishes", otherwise any bank may refuse to receive a loan. Some lenders have access to this information, and some ask the clients themselves to provide this story. If the credit history is completely positive, it can speed up the process of obtaining any type of loan. In some cases, it may even affect the decrease in the credit rate.

    What is credit history?

    The borrower's credit history appears from the moment he took the first loan. She then accumulates new information and collects other loans.

    Throughout the time while the borrower pays the loan, the lender sends the data about him to a special directory. Practically all credit societies at the moment include a clause in the contract, according to which, the data is sent to such a directory.When a client signs a contract, he agrees to send his data to the Central Credit Directory. If you are interested in the question of how banks check credit history, now you know that they apply to this particular directory.

    Most often, the lender himself makes an appeal to the Credit History Center, the borrower himself can do this with the help of a certain legal entity or independently. It is worth noting that in some cases individuals are interested in how to check credit history for free.

    First of all, you need to contact the Center itself, make a request and find out in which bureau the credit history is stored. Once a year the bureau issues credit history data for free. In other cases, when accessing more than once a year, access to information will be paid. To get the history, you need to know the code of the subject, which is assigned when concluding a loan agreement, or without it. If there is a code, then you can find out the necessary information through the website of the Bank of Russia, by filling out a special form. If the code is missing or is not recognized by the system, then the receipt is possible only in the credit bureaus.

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