• How to check the compression?

    Any motorist knows perfectly well that if suddenly a car starts to vibrate while driving, or the engine power drops significantly, then it is time to learn to check the compression. After all, the above signs, as well as the fact that you have to spend more oil and fuel, indicate that the compression in the engine cylinders has fallen, which is why your car cannot function normally. So, how to check the compression?

    Pondering on where to check the compression, you can choose two options: contact the auto repair service, where qualified specialists will accurately and quickly take all the necessary measurements, or simply buy one of the car shops, a so-called compressometer and do everything yourself, Choose the most convenient option - sealing or screwed. In the second case, the device is installed in place of the candle, and its use does not require an assistant, the car owner will be able to cope with the measurements themselves.

    So, if you have no idea how to properly check the compression, first you need to perform a few simple actions, and then follow the instructions attached to the purchased device.

    • It is necessary to warm up the engine to the standard operating temperature (usually up to 90 degrees), then carefully disconnect the power cord from the ignition coil.
    • Now it is necessary to disconnect the hose going to the fuel pump from the gas tank, because you do not need at all that the fuel goes into the cylinders and the carburetor.
    • Unscrew the spark plug and screw the compression gauge in its place, open the choke in the carburetor and press down on the gas.
    • Now turn on the engine for rotation by the starter for about 5-7 seconds and remember the maximum number that the compressometer will give you.
    • Repeat all steps, starting with 3 in all remaining cylinders.

    It is worth remembering that the engine that runs on gasoline, the great start and work confidently, if the compression in the cylinders is greater than or equal to 8 kg / cm2. With a decrease to 6.5 kg / cm2 and below, your engine will simply refuse to start. And in the event that it does happen, the gasoline will wash away the oil film in the cylinders, which is necessary for the normal functioning and maintenance of compression at the proper level.

    Due to the fact that when starting the engine runs at low speeds, the new oil will not splash and lubricate the walls of the cylinders. Therefore, if each time it is harder and harder for you to start a car, most likely, you need to think not only about how to change the spark plugs, but also about how to check the compression in the cylinders.

    How to check the compression yourself

    You can try to solve the problem of low compression yourself by pouring in engine oil through the holes in the candles. This is a great way if the cause of a decrease in pressure is the wear of the piston or the destruction of the seal between the piston and the cylinder. In addition, the case may be in the malfunction of the valves. They can be adjusted independently, but sometimes the whole thing may not be in the gaps between the parts, but in the absence of tightness and coking of valves, damage to the cylinder head gasket and so on. Therefore, we must not only have the question of how to check the compression in the engine, but also the question of why the crash occurred.

    First of all, after using the compressometer and obtaining the corresponding unsatisfactory results, try changing the spark plugs, add engine oil and adjust the gaps between the valves.If all this does not help and the compression will still be low, then you should contact the auto repair shop to conduct a qualified diagnosis and eliminate a different possible cause.

    After all, most likely you will need to disassemble the engine, but on your own it is better not to do it.

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