• How to charge an iPod?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    February 8, 2013
    How to charge an iPod?

    IPod battery can be charged using:

    • connect the iPod Power Adapter to an outlet;
    • USB connector;
    • firewire port.

    How to charge your iPod, we learn from the detailed instructions.

    Charging procedure

    First, let's look at how to charge your iPod by connecting the iPod Power Adapter's power adapter to a wall outlet.

    • The adapter must be fully assembled before use;
    • Connect the iPod USB Power Adapter to the device, and then the outlet using a special cord.

    How to charge iPod using USB connector?

    • The adapter must be fully assembled before use;
    • Connect the iPod USB Power Adapter adapter to the outlet with a special cord.
    • Check that the computer or laptop is active. Even the “sleepy” mode is the semi-activity of the computer, which is not suitable for charging the battery;
    • Laptop and computer ports should be in good condition;
    • Connect your iPod using a USB cable: connect the wide USB connector to the computer and the other end to the iPod.


    • How to charge iPod Touch? Connect one flat and wide connector at one end of the cord to your iPod, and the other, standard USB, to your computer.
    • How to charge iPod Shuffle? Connect a thin cylindrical plug of 3.5 mm.at one end of the cord to the iPod, and the other, the standard USB port, to the computer.

    Connect the cords to the system unit, not to the keyboard, as its power is inferior to the power of the system unit.

    Using the FireWire port

    The FireWire port must be energy efficient, so pay attention to the number of outputs: if there are 4, then charging may cause problems.

    Battery charging lasts about four hours. The lightning bolt on the screen indicates that the iPod is still charging, and the plug symbol indicates that the device is fully charged and can be disconnected from the power source. When disconnecting an iPod from a computer or laptop, use the safe removal feature.

    Invalid errors

    To make your iPod last longer, avoid charging errors:

    • Use only a proprietary charger.
    • Charge your iPod from a computer or laptop. Some users have experienced that charging through a power adapter reduces battery life and sometimes leads to device malfunction.
    • Charge the battery fully, up to 100%, this will extend the battery life.

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