• How to change the tariff on Beeline?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    April 22, 2013
    How to change the tariff on Beeline?

    Mobile operators simply provide a huge selection of tariff plans. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the price set by Beeline for communication or access to the Internet, you can know how to change the tariff for Beeline in order to choose a more profitable one.

    Replacing the tariff plan for the phone

    If you do not have the opportunity to visit the service center to replace the tariff, you can go to the official website of Beeline. Register there with your first name and surname. Then look at the tariffs section in the “Tariff Plans” section. So you can choose the right one for you. The operator "Beeline" tariff change via the Internet is very simple. You can get the instruction directly on the site. After reading it, you can replace the tariff plan without leaving your home.

    You can call the operator to change the tariff plan settings. But before you contact by phone, yet familiarize yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages of the tariff that you want to activate.After that, dial the number 06-11, then click on the buttons suggested by the robot to contact the operator. Name your data that the operator asks, and the tariff plan you want to switch to, and you will be switched.

    Changing the tariff plan for a modem

    Before changing the tariff on “Beeline”, namely the tariff on the Internet in the modem, you should also familiarize yourself with the terms of payments and traffic for each of the tariff plans. You can order another tariff with unlimited or other type of traffic. It is necessary to carry out the same steps as for changing the tariff on the phone. Go to the site, there find the section "Tariff Plans", view the rates for the Internet. Select the desired tariff, pay for it a month in advance, deposit it on the account and activate the access and the new tariff plan on the site.

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