• How to change the character?

    Julia Bukatova
    Julia Bukatova
    March 26, 2015
    How to change the character?

    The nature of a person has a huge impact on life, forms his environment, addictions.

    What to do if you realize that the character prevents you from building a personal life and how to change the character, we will tell in our article.

    How to change your character

    First of all, it should be remembered that the character of any person is formed at preschool age and it will not be possible to change it radically, no matter how hard you try. However, the character can be corrected, its unpleasant qualities can be tried to be transformed into advantages. To do this, we offer the following instructions:

    1. Examine your character. Before you change something in yourself, try to understand your character as best you can. What exactly do you dislike about it, which features require changes, which ones you consider your dignity. Quite often, features that annoy others are extremely important for a person as a person, and therefore they should not be changed at all.
    2. Get familiar with your complexes.Most often, we associate all of our failures in personal life, work, and other areas with bad temper, while the problem may be in the excessive complexion of a person. In this case, it is enough to deal with your intrapersonal problems, you will not have to love yourself and change anything. Assistance in working with complexes will be provided by a qualified specialist.
    3. Decide which character you would like to end up with. To do this, write the model of yourself perfect on a separate piece of paper, then compare with the qualities of character that are already inherent in you, and you will understand what further actions should be taken.
    4. Do not imitate other people. Be yourself, no matter what. Remember that your character is yourself as a person. You should not change yourself completely even for the sake of the closest and dearest person.
    5. Develop yourself. Whatever results you want to achieve, all of them will ultimately be associated with changing yourself for the better. Read various books, visit interesting places, communicate with new people and scoop in each of them something useful for yourself.

    The science of psychogenetics considers the character traits and behavior of a person as depending solely on hereditary factors. This means that a person’s character is very much dependent on the genes that his parents passed on to a person. According to psychogenetics, a small child is initially predisposed to certain types of behavior, but the human environment will have a final impact on the character.

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