• How to change nick?

    Quite often, fans of computer games are faced with the need to change the Nickname (Nickname). Sometimes this is not difficult. Simply go to the settings and specify the desired name. However, in some games this is much more problematic. Our article describes how to change the nickname in the game.

    Change nickname in World of Tanks

    All fans of this game got the opportunity to change their nickname only in the spring of 2013. However, this procedure is not free. If you decide to change your nickname, you will have to pay 2500 gold. In addition, the WoT rules contain a list of prohibited user names, indicating that during registration, you can be guaranteed to block your account. To avoid various problems with violations of the rules regarding the choice of a nickname, World of Tanks developers came up with a whole algorithm:

    1. Visit the official website.
    2. Select "Personal Account", which contains the basic information of your profile.
    3. Click the "Change Name" button (note that for this opportunity you will have to give 2500 gold).
    4. Write a new name.
    5. Click "Continue."
    6. If the nickname you entered is already used by other players, then you will see an error message. Thus, you will have to invent a new name and repeat the whole procedure again.
    7. If everything went well, you will see an informational message confirming the procedure for changing the nickname in WoT.

    Change nickname in Counter Strike

    Almost every gamer has repeatedly changed his nickname in Counter Strike. However, not everyone knows how to do it. Let's look at the most simple solutions.

    First method:

    1. We go in the game.
    2. Select the menu item "Options".
    3. Click the "Multiplayer" tab.
    4. Find the string "Player Name".
    5. We remove the old name.
    6. We write down the one that you like.

    To apply the changes, click the “OK” button.

    The second method:

    1. Turn on the game.
    2. Open the game console. To do this, click on the keyboard "".
    3. Register the name command and write the desired nickname with a space.
    4. Save the changes by pressing the "Enter" key.

    The third method:

    1. Finds the folder in which CS is installed.
    2. Open a text document config.cfg using any available text editor.
    3. Find the string "name player" and write down your nickname.
    4. Save the document.

    Change nickname in Dota 2

    You can change your username in Dota 2 using Steam (if the game was downloaded through this application). To do this, go to the service. In the upper right corner, click the "Account" button, open your own profile and select "edit". A window will open in which you can change not only your nickname in the game, but also other information.

    Change Nick in Warface

    If you initially chose a bad nickname, you can fix it. Many players have already changed their nickname. However, do not forget that this service is paid. It will cost users 1000 credits.

    To change the name of the character, you must log in to the game website. In the future, you must follow the instructions:

    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Click "Change Name".
    3. Select the desired character.
    4. Write a new nickname. After that, the test will start. If the desired nickname is busy, then you will have the opportunity to change it to another.
    5. Reserve a nickname.
    6. Pay for the service.

    It should be noted that it is impossible to pay for this service using the funds in the player’s account. It is necessary to replenish the account for a certain amount only after reserving the name.At the moment, the name change is carried out in the process of technical work (every week), respectively, the new nickname you will see only after the next restart of the server. In addition, the released nickname will be available for use thirty days after the name change.

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