• How to celebrate the New Year in India?

    What comes to mind at the mention of India? Hot climate, elephants, Indian films, bright clothes. In fact, this is a country in which a large number of rites, religions and traditions intertwined. And one of these is the celebration of the New Year. Everything is very interesting and unusual here. We offer to learn more.

    Modernity vs authenticity

    In modern conditions of active distribution of European culture in the East, in India, too, began to celebrate the New Year on the night of December 31 to January 1. But so far, it has been actively accepted only by residents of large cities, while in small towns and villages they honor and carefully preserve the traditions of their ancestors.

    Young people are happy to spend the holiday in nightclubs and restaurants, and firms have actively picked up the idea of ​​corporate parties.

    If you are lucky enough to visit India in January, then you can become a participant of colorful street carnivals and competitions, visit all sorts of fairs and enjoy the scope of the holiday.

    Of course, you will not find the Christmas tree, but instead there will be a mango tree. It is also decorated with toys and fruits, and even vegetables. All of them symbolize wealth. Before the holiday, Indians often make bonfires, and old things burn in them. Locals are sure that the holiday should be met in new clothes.

    Like us, the Indians believe in the rule “as you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it”, so on this day everyone is in a good mood and supportive even to those with whom they could have had not quite friendly relations.

    If you see adult men and women swinging statuettes on a swing, do not be surprised, these are figures of deities who are thus revered.

    But as for gifts, everything is easier here. Sweets, nuts and fruits will be an excellent gift with which it will not be a shame to come to visit.

    On a festive table in a country where spices are very popular, there must be pilyan biryani and okroshka. And the more spices will be in the dishes, the richer and brighter will be next year - this is the rule. For dessert, usually served lasi - yogurt with ginger and sugar.

    But if the trip to India did not fall in January, you should not be upset, because you will have several opportunities to celebrate the New Year in this country.This is because the abundance of religions and the difference in chronology have led to the fact that the holiday comes at different times in different parts of the country.

    Choose yourself any

    Hindus love celebrations, and each of them is bright and colorful.


    It is celebrated in the northern part of the country on January 13th. In style and tradition, Laurie is a kind of symbiosis of our "Old New Year" and Shrovetide. Mandatory attribute - a festive bonfire. Around him all the evening there are dances, sing songs and arrange a feast.

    Children on a festive morning walk from house to house, sing songs and demand a "ransom."

    The next day is called Magee. Many people go to bathe in the Ganges River, and afterwards they enjoy a traditional dish - sweet rice.

    By lunar calendar

    Such a New Year is called Goody Padva and his celebration falls on the month of March. But the date is constantly changing, in accordance with the lunar calendar. The duration of such celebrations surprises tourists, because in some states it is 3-4 days, and in some it can last for several weeks (Kashmir).

    On the streets of cities at this time you can meet a huge number of musicians, dancers, with pleasure giving everyone a good mood.And local residents are drawn into numerous carnivals, decorating themselves with fresh flowers, give each other gifts and do not forget to honor the gods and the cow - a sacred Indian animal.

    The entertainment here is special - kite launches, hot-coal walking and archery competitions.


    Travelers who gathered in India in the fall are waiting for another celebration - Diwali or the “Festival of Lights”. This is one of the main holidays in the country, which always happens in a big way. Here the European spirit is certainly felt. In stores, there comes a period of sales and big discounts, and Hindus massively buy presents, a special place among which is gold. High demand for it is even reflected in world prices for the precious metal.

    These days they worship the goddess of prosperity Lakshmi, presenting her with all sorts of gifts, and do not forget to ask for welfare and wealth in the family. Invariable for several decades are also fireworks, every day pleasing Hindus and tourists scattered their lights.

    Children are especially waiting for Diwali, because on the eve of their parents put on a special tray different sweets, fruits and small gifts.In the morning, the children, with their eyes closed, must wait for the moment when they are allowed to go to the tray and pick up their presents.

    It is worth noting that booking a hotel for mass celebrations is well in advance, because millions of tourists come to India to celebrate the New Year every year. And it is not strange, because the weather here is particularly favorable. In January, the temperature is rarely less than +15 degrees, and in the south and no less than +25. You can walk all day.

    But the cost of tours at this time can almost double, and be about 1500-1800 dollars, taking into account the flight and accommodation.

    If you want to save, then it is better to rent housing from local residents. Thus, not only save your blood, but also get the opportunity to plunge into the true atmosphere of a family celebration.

    Regardless of whether you are going to celebrate the New Year in India or just to spend your holidays, this country will give you a lot of positive emotions and make your holiday unforgettable. Enjoy your holiday!

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