• How to celebrate a preschooler's birthday?

    This long-awaited event, the children's birthday of 6 years, is about to happen, and it is time to decide how and where to celebrate it.
    What is the age of six so unusual? The answer is quite simple - it is at this time that the baby turns from a very small man into an almost independent schoolboy. Therefore, the theme of the holiday can be formed based on this important principle.
    What exactly can I do? To turn the place where the birthday will take place into a mini-school or mini-class so that little by little kids start to get used to this situation. Very soon they will become students, so you can set the official dress code: school uniform (by the way, from September 1, 2013 it will be introduced in all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation), bows, school bags.
    Using peculiar “adult” rules at a birthday party at the age of 6, you can perfectly demonstrate to children how to behave in school.For example, as a presenter, you can invite an animator-teacher who will play all sorts of interesting games in a playful way, give riddles and puzzles to children, search for answers to questions from the field of general knowledge with them.
    Holding a birthday can be built on the principle of a real school: the children came to visit, then the bell rang and the teacher invites everyone to the class. But instead of lessons - half an hour of delicious lunch, then a cheerful break, in which children can run and take part in competitions. Then - again the call. And now instead of a lesson - congratulations from a clown who will amaze everyone with his sparkling humor. Then - again rest, you can participate in contests. Then - again the call. And the director of the school appears in the doorway - a magician who will surprise the guests with his charming powers. Children at this time eat sweets, drink juice, tea. Then you can make time for congratulations (let it be called "extended"). And then - dances, riddles, anecdotes, team competitions! Children will love such an unusual holiday, they will feel like real adult first graders!
    Schoolbags and backpacks, sets of creativity, all kinds of stationery and, of course, toys are suitable for gifts for kids.
    An excellent addition to the festive event can be the performances of trained animals (for example, dogs, cats or pigeons), as well as the amazing beauty of the fireworks, which children will perceive as a true miracle. Its bright lights will give everyone a wonderful mood. This event will remain in the memory of everyone present for a long time. And be sure to bring to the improvised school class a beautifully decorated birthday cake with six candles, which the child needs to blow out, making a wish.

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