• How to celebrate a year child?

    Already a whole year (at least) - you are happy parents. Such an event, as a rule, should not go without congratulations from you - the parents. However, the birthday boy himself is most concerned. How to celebrate a year to a child, how to organize everything for such a crumb, so that he feels his holiday. Let's take it in order.

    Baby year: what you need to know

    When thinking about where to celebrate a year to a child and how to organize everything, first remember what your child can do at his age. We do not speak about individual achievements, we are guided by the general moments of development, the real possibilities of a one-year-old crumbs.

    What can every child at the age of one year? Of course, be surprised, admire and be interested. On these skills and should rely when planning a birthday baby. Also remember that a one-year-old child can quickly get tired, because he does not control the power of emotions, he is given in full. This is also worth considering.

    Let's start with the peculiarities regarding the fatigue of the child. It is important to remember when you decide where to celebrate a birthday.Of course, recently, cafes, clowns, etc. have become increasingly popular. organized events. But think, is it a bit early for your baby? New premises, music, new people (clowns, organizers), such a storm of emotions can quickly tire a child, and therefore can not avoid early whims. It also happens that the child is simply scared. You can start your birthday at home, and during the day make a fascinating trip to places designed for these kids. On how to celebrate 1 year old child at home, so that it was a real holiday, let's talk further.

    Celebrate 1 year: organization

    • Let's start from the beginning. On the eve of the birthday, invite the baby to choose his outfit, you will correct it as it should.
    • From the very beginning of the day, from the first minute of awakening, the child must feel that something is wrong, that this day is not like all that he is full of miracles. This is worth preparing in advance. Decorate the whole house, let the child see every minute that this is not an easy day. Order or purchase yourself a lot of balloons of different shapes and colors - this is probably the best decoration. It is possible to spread toys all over the apartment, to hang up various plaques, inscriptions, let the child not understand them yet, but this is also necessary for the further celebration ...
    • Meet the morning of the child with a smile, gentle words and a smile (in general, it should always be like this). Congratulate your child on his birthday. Perhaps he will not understand his wishes yet, but you can say how much you love him and how glad that you have it. Love the child will always understand and feel.
    • Let the outfits of the parents also be festive. Just do not overdo it, do not need excesses, the child, in the end, should recognize you. We dress up the birthday boy in his chosen outfit.
    • Gifts. Perhaps the child is not waiting for them, he just does not know that they have to wait. But purely symbolically, a gift must be made. Maybe he had asked for some kind of toy for a long time, maybe he loves some kind of animal. This may be the same "beloved bear." Giving a child clothes a year is not very reasonable. It is reasonable to just buy it. From relatives and friends, this is quite a good gift option (most likely for parents, because you don�t have to spend money).
    • Well, if you have the opportunity to shoot a birthday video. Such videos can be made annually, they are very interesting to watch later, to observe how the child grew up year after year. Take care of photographing. It is not necessary to shoot all day (yes it is not necessary).Let it be a minute of awakening, congratulations from your parents, congratulations from relatives, a feast and especially a cake with a candle. The main points, most importantly, remember who should be in the frame. Shooting can be done alternately so that all friends and relatives can attend the video.
    • Festive table. The main thing is not to forget that this is a baby holiday, and all attention should be given to him. Let it be the usual familiar food, no need to experiment, so as not to spoil the baby holiday, because the reaction of the child's body to a new food is unpredictable. Just let it be a beautiful design that will surprise and delight the child: purchase a new set of dishes for the baby, issue a special food (a lot about it on the Internet): animals, food mugs and other options.
    • Do not forget the cake with a candle. Let it be the children's version of the "safe" cake (fruit, jelly, from cookies).
    • For adults, the table should also be, but let it be a light snack: sandwiches, canapes, fruit. Especially if guests come with children, there will be no special time to eat. Avoid alcohol, yet it's a kid's birthday.
    • Highlight a place of congratulations for the baby.For example, you can hang a drawing paper, stick a few photos of a baby, make traces of its handle with paint (next you can see the traces of the hands of your father and mother). Put a number of colored pencils, pens, felt-tip pens for guests to write greetings.
    • Periodically move away with the child to the room where there is no one. He needs a break, rest. Consider the gifts, talk and return to the guests.
    • In the background, you can turn on children's music, not loudly, so that you do not have to scream and that the child does not get tired.
    • For a festive mood, you can give guests festive caps.
    • Do not turn a birthday in the new year, do not decorate the room with tinsel and Christmas decorations. Yet the child must see the difference.
    • Celebrating at home can be diluted by walking to the street, to the park. Children's roundabouts will be very useful (if the child is not afraid).
    • At the end of the day, you can collect balls and other �remnants� of the holiday with your child. Just do not force him to remove the toys, it is still his holiday.

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