• How to call from ipad?

    Roman Zhdanov
    Roman Zhdanov
    December 17, 2012
    How to call from ipad?

    Sooner or later, every happy owner of an “apple” tablet wonders how to call from an ipad and can it be done at all?

    We want to immediately please you - this is real. If you want to make calls from your ipad, then you will need the program Line2. When you install this program, you will have the opportunity to make calls. This program works on Mac and iPhone.

    The application is available for free, with a small reservation. There is a symbolic fee for the use of telephone services. This is not critical, since for this fee you get a lot of opportunities.

    Calls from your ipad will require $ 9.95 per month. With Line2, you decide which number you will call from your ipad, that is, you will understand whether to use your old subscriber number that you have always had (this way you will save some decent money) or you will have a new number. In both cases, you will have access to all basic functions (text messaging, call forwarding, voice mail, and more).

    Now you should list all the main features and benefits of the program:

    1. Two active call modes using IP-telephony or cellular phone with a single number.
    2. The program allows you to turn Android Tablet, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. into a full-fledged mobile phone that supports Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G.
    3. Quite reasonable billing (low-cost international calls and text messages).
    4. The program supports call forwarding, call waiting and call holding.
    5. With Line2 you can conduct conference conversations with 20 subscribers at the same time.
    6. Background support for Android 2.1 and iOS4. You can receive calls and text messages even work in other applications.
    7. Availability of visual and voice mail.
    8. The ability to sort calls using the automatic alert function.

    The program is quite easy to use, it will cope with any user. Within 1 month you can use the program absolutely free.

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