• What do you call a gray kitty boy?

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    What do you call a gray kitty boy?

    The appearance of a kitten in the house brings great joy, but immediately the question arises about his name. After all, it should reflect his individuality. A few variations of gray fluffy nicknames can be found below.

    How can you call a gray kitten boy?

    For the gray kitten boy you can find quite a few names. For example, it can be called in honor of one or another politician or a famous person. It is necessary to choose 3 or 4 names and take turns to call the kitten by them. Name your pet to the one to which he will respond or which will most suit his character.

    Choose a name for a gray kitten with a calm temper.

    Choosing a name for a calm gray-haired kitten is pretty easy. The following nicknames may suit him:

    • Smoke;
    • Smokey (from English "smoky");
    • Reed;
    • Dust;
    • Lemur;
    • Casper;
    • Ghost;
    • Mouse;
    • Tom;
    • Serge;
    • Shadow.

    Names for kittens of boys of gray color "with character"

    If your gray kitten is quite complex, then it is best to give him a serious name that will reflect his personality. It may be:

    • Chromium;
    • Velveteen;
    • Asher;
    • Wulf;
    • Thunder;
    • Brandon;
    • Prince;
    • Dorian;
    • Miguel;
    • Vasco.

    Undoubtedly, choosing names for kittens is not easy, but this is a very fun activity in which all family members will be involved.

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