• How to calculate blood renewal?

    Vladimir Kulinich
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    How to calculate blood renewal?

    Many expectant mothers want to know the sex of their child in advance. There are many methods for determining the sex of a child who has not yet been born. How to calculate the update of blood, our article will tell.

    The calculation of the data needed to determine the sex of the unborn child is based on the process of cyclic renewal of blood in both sexes, depending on their date of birth. So the cycle of this update is different for both women and men, and each of them constitutes a certain period. In men, this happens once every 4 years, and in the beautiful half - once every 3 years.

    Assuming that the state of the blood itself changes only from the maximum, that is, the beginning of the cycle, to the minimum, that is, its end, and by combining this data for women and men, it is possible to determine which blood is stronger (younger). Proponents of this method are confident that this will determine the sex of the unborn child, that is, which of the parents blood will be younger, the born child will be of the same sex.

    So, at the moment of conception, the age of the pope is divided by 4, the age of the mother - by 3.Whose balance will be more - then the child will succeed. When the mother has a negative blood Rh - everything will be the opposite. In case of serious blood loss, for example, an accident, abortion, blood transfusion or donation of blood, the update is considered not from the day of birth, but from the day of this blood loss. For example, if the mother is 24 years old, divisor 3, the balance is 0; father 25 years old, divisor 4, the remainder 1. So, a boy should be born.

    Now you know how to determine the renewal of blood.

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