• How to buy shares to an individual?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    July 27, 2011
    How to buy shares to an individual?

    The stock market is growing steadily every year. Every day the whole planet makes various deals, the number of which reaches a million. Undoubtedly, investing in shares of a successful company is a modern and correct decision. But how to do that? How to buy stocks? Today, dear reader, we'll talk about it. So:

    How to buy shares to an individual:

    People who have long been trading in the stock market know that an ordinary person, that is, an individual, does not have access to the exchange. In other words, you cannot go there with the desire to make a deal if you are not a broker. There is an exit. A person who wants to play on the exchange must make a deal with any brokerage firm. Brokerage company is a legal entity. According to the current legislation, only legal entities possessing the necessary license are entitled to trade on the exchange. It is not worth mentioning once more that the more successful a broker is, the more expensive its services are.As we have said, only legal entities can be on the stock exchange. A legal entity is a brokerage company. A person who has entered into a transaction with such a company receives a depositary account where he can keep money, which later will be used to purchase certain shares.

    How do transactions take place? The broker places your order on the exchange. If there are several clients in a brokerage company, orders are received by the stock exchange in turn. As soon as the order is placed on the exchange, the search for the counter order begins. So shares are bought by an individual. Accordingly, if you want to buy stocks, the broker is looking for a seller. If you want to sell stocks, then the broker is looking for a buyer.

    How to choose a company, shares that you could buy? First of all, you need to collect information about different companies. The main thing is to slowly consider the findings and make a decision. You can find out about companies and the market situation on the official websites of companies on the Internet. Or you can visit a company representative in your area and directly ask about the current affairs of the office. You can also contact various analytical agencies and investment companies that are related to the stock market.

    The only snag is, perhaps, only that the brokerage companies are vast. And only after working with different representatives of stock trading, you can find the right broker. Remember. The most important investments in your life are investments in your health, education, and of course, in the well-being of your children. Everything else makes sense only if there is free cash, which happens very rarely.

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