• How to buy on taobao?

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    How to buy on taobao?

    Taobao is a huge online trading platform where thousands of Chinese manufacturers and resellers sell their goods. Almost all categories of goods are presented on this online auction. The prices for them are quite interesting. Goods can be purchased both retail and wholesale. What characterizes this auction is that the more common way to sell is to sell at a fixed price. In our article we will look at how to buy with taobao.

    Trading through an intermediary

    Trading relations directly with the site taobao.com is impossible, because only Chinese residents can tie them up. Therefore, in other countries there are intermediaries who ensure the delivery of goods to their destination. Website address taobao.com. Website address, which is the mediator of the largest online auction, taobao-russia.com

    How to buy lots

    1. You must register for both taobao.com and taobao-russia.com;
    2. Further, in any convenient way to replenish the balance;
    3. Select lots on the site taobao-russia.com.
    4. After that, you can add selected lots to the unpaid purchases. To do this, click the "Add to Cart" button.
    5. By clicking on the button "Pay for goods" you need to pay the lots. The balance of the cost of goods + site services.

    The shopping process on taobao.com

    1. Go to the site taobao.com.
    2. Copy link to the lot.
    3. At the very top of any page of the site to find a box to insert links. There is an inscription: “Enter the link to the lot on taobao.com”. After that, click "Open on taobao-russia.com".
    4. After this procedure, the lot will open on taobao-russia.com and it can be added to the basket.

    If the paid lot is not available to the seller, then after the redemption specialist sets the status to Cancel, the entire amount deducted from the balance sheet is returned to it.

    All money held on the balance sheet of the buyer can be returned to him at any time.

    You can pay for goods via WebMoney, WesterUnion, Contact, Migom, Golden Crown.

    On the site you can read about taobao. Reviews are mostly the most enthusiastic.

    How much are the services of the mediation site

    They are automatically taken into account at the time of adding lots to the basket. Services will be 10% of the cost of all units of goods in one lot, taken separately, but not less than 65 yuan.


    1. Buy 100 towels in the lot for the price of 10 yuan for 1pc. 100x10 = 1000 yuan for 100 pieces. Site services will be 10% of 1000 = 100 yuan.
    2. Buy 1 suit in the lot at a price of 300 yuan. 10% of 300 = 30 yuan, but this is less than 65. Hence, the site services will still be 65 yuan.

    Shopping with cn-mail-forwarding.com

    The service provides a shipment service. This makes it possible to make purchases of goods on taobao without intermediaries. The principle is simple. Goods are ordered independently, auction sellers send goods to the service warehouse in China. Employees check the goods for compliance with the parameters specified by you, combine purchases that are made from different sellers in one package, pack it well and send to the destination address.

    It remains only to acquire the skills of independent work with taobao, learn to communicate with sellers, and it will be possible to provide not only yourself and your whole family with interesting and inexpensive goods, but also to open up quite good opportunities for your business.

    The article is accompanied by a link to the video, which tells how to buy any product on taobao.

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