• How to buy an apartment in Europe in 2018

    Buying real estate in Europe is as follows. First is the housing. Then a preliminary agreement is signed. After that, a deposit is paid and a contract of sale is concluded. It remains only to make the full amount and become the owner of the apartment.

    Study of conditions

    Before you begin your search, you need to examine the conditions for the purchase of real estate by foreigners who operate in your chosen country, as well as the forms of ownership that exist there. When choosing an apartment, it is imperative to make sure that the selected option, according to the laws of the country, can be acquired into ownership, since very often apartments in Europe are not sold for full ownership, but for long-term rent.

    Choosing an agency and concluding an agreement

    Then you need to choose in this country an agency that will not only select the desired apartment, but also provide legal assistance. It is better to turn to large, reputable companies and long-term work in real estate.It is worth paying attention to such a nuance in the contract, as the conditions for refusing to buy, specifying at what stage you can do this with a minimum loss of deposit. The text of the contract should also clearly spell out the price of the transaction and the timing of the parties' obligations. All associated costs are also good to foresee. These can be taxes, fees, commissions. In some cases, they make up to 20% of the cost of the apartment being purchased.

    Package of documents

    It is necessary to carefully prepare the entire package of documents that may be needed. Check the validity of the passport, check identification number. If necessary, open a bank account. Be sure to get a license in the bank of your country to purchase foreign real estate. Without this license, you cannot transfer large amounts of money to another country. To obtain a license, an application is submitted, to which a copy of the contract of sale and purchase is attached, a copy of the document on registration of the apartment being purchased and payment of the license fee. The sales contract must be registered with the local government.


    Property ownership must be insured in the country where it is located. Real estate insurance is not mandatory in all European countries, but in order to protect oneself from risks, it is better not to neglect this clause.

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