• How to buy a house in 2018

    When buying a home in the primary or secondary market and paying for it in cash, you need to check all the documents that the seller has for this living space. In order for the housing you have chosen not to be sold, make a deposit and issue a preliminary purchase agreement with a notary. After preparation of the entire sum of money, issue a notarial purchase and sale agreement and an act of acceptance. From the moment of signing the documents, all duties and responsibility for the acquired living space are transferred to the buyer's side. With all the documents for the living space, you must go to the state registration center and register your rights to the living space.
    When buying housing on credit or using the installment payment method, you only need to draw up a notarized home purchase agreement and an act of acceptance. A document of ownership you can get only after a full payment for the living space.

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