• How to build a bath?

    The wooden bath for many centuries is a true symbol of the Russian people and its wide soul. After all, it has long ceased to be just a place where the body is cleansed. A good bath with brooms, kvass and aromatic oils, and even in good company cleans the human soul, relaxes the body and gives everyone the opportunity to spend time with benefit and not without pleasantness. Therefore, it is difficult to blame the owner of a private house for such a whim as building your own bath, because her visit cannot be compared with taking a shower or visiting a public bath.

    Moreover, the construction of the bath is not so difficult as it seems at first glance, even if your architectural experience leaves much to be desired. What bath does your soul want?

    In modern Russia, you can find a bath of almost any of the possible types: the usual Russian, Finnish sauna, hamam, and even ofuro. Each of them has a number of unique advantages, as well as features associated with their arrangement. We will focus on the traditional Russian bath and those points that are important to consider when building it.

    Before you start building a bath, you need to decide where the bath will be located, what its dimensions will be, with the choice of material for the manufacture of the foundation, roof and walls, as well as with the features of finishing. A great help will be at least an approximate cost estimate, which will make it possible to understand exactly how much this construction will cost. If all calculations have already been completed and the financial side is clear, you can move from theory to practice.

    Where to put the bath? The ideal option could be a river bank, lake or pond, but in this case the distance from the water should be at least 15 m - if the water level in the pond rises, it will guarantee that your bath will not flood.

    An excellent solution may be a bath located in the garden area or near the forest. Near it, you can lovingly arrange an outdoor summer terrace or a cozy terrace with a shed and a table surrounded by flowers and lovely garden decorations. Here you can sit quietly in the shade, drink a cup of hot tea with friends, enjoying the singing of birds, natural landscapes and the scent of forest herbs.

    bathhouseThe traditional Russian bath is always a natural tree.And it is quite justified from any point of view: the material is environmentally friendly, it is well insulated, and the smell of essential oils of coniferous wood, released when heated, brings both pleasure and benefit to your health.

    Bath planning implies comfort, ergonomics and aesthetics. Each bath should have a dressing room, steam room and washing facilities. Consider in advance where each of these rooms will be located - so that the wooden steam room is warm and dry, there is convenient access to hot water, so that condensate does not accumulate on the inner lining and walls, and the air passes through the pores of the wood, allowing your bath to "breathe ".

    It is important to consider where the entrance doors will be located and what their height will be - this will allow taking care of the heat preservation. Decide in advance on which side the waiting room window will go out, how the benches and the table will be located, choose the right finish. And in the end you get a comfortable room in which you can relax after the steam room.

    Modern technologies allow to build a bath with a small pool.At the same time layout options can be very diverse. They are determined only by the total area of ​​the site under the steam room and your financial capabilities.

    If the scale of the building allows, you can swing not only to the steam room with a pool, but also to pamper yourself with a winter garden, a billiard room, etc., and also to build a bath in two floors. At the same time, the steam room, washing station and swimming pool are usually located on the lower floor, and rest rooms and bedrooms are located on the upper floor.

    Agree, no benefits of civilization and the most modern innovations will not be able to replace the joy of the Russian people to relax in their own bath. The shower and bath simply fade in comparison with the Russian bath, well warmed by birch logs and filled with the divine spirit of steamed juniper, birch or fir brooms.

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